Thursday, December 11, 2008

Mr. Ruggles asks some questions...

1. I (Mr. Ruggles) have never lived in Colorado. What is your favorite thing about Colorado?
2. What do you like about English 9?
3. How do you learn best? In what concrete, specific ways?
4. What sorts of activities in the classroom have been really meaningful to you?
5. What sorts of activities outside of the classroom have been really meaningful to you?
6. What are you passionate about?
7. What sorts of things will you be participating in or doing second semester (Either inside or outside of AHS)?
8. Next semester we will be looking at the books The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night and Lord of the Flies. What do you know about these two books?
9. We will also be studying and writing poetry. How would you define poetry? Have you ever written your own poetry?
10. What is one thing I (Mr. Ruggles) should know about this class?
11. If you were teaching the class, what is one thing you would change?
12. What is one thing you want to accomplish on the first day of class second semester?
13. What are you really motivated by (besides your parent/guardian and receiving good grades)?
14. What is one thing you want to know about me (Mr. Ruggles)?
15. Finally, what one character in a movie or a book are you most like at this point in your life? Why?


BRETTG2012 said...

1: Defiantly the snow and the mountains.
2: That in our class we get to use laptops and it makes the class a lot more fun. With our laptops we can do a lot more things that classes without laptops can’t do like this.
3: I’m really not sure; it varies from subject to subject and project to project in each class.
4: Being able to use laptops, it gives us more responsibility and freedom.
5: I might do some sports; I want to try boxing or go maybe do lacrosse.
6: I have never heard of either of the two books.
7: Yes I dislike poetry a lot. If we could some hoe put more interest in it that might be better.
8: That we like to have fun.
9: Not doing PLNs, they are a pain and are no fun.
10: It depends on what our goals are for the semester.
13: Getting a good job.
14: What are your classroom policies?
15: I don’t read books unless I have to and I can’t compare myself to one.

breannas2012 said...

1. My favorite thing about Colorado is all the concerts that go down, and the snowboarding.
2. I like in English 9 that we aren’t going too fast to the point that it is impossible to keep up and we are given the time we need to do our work.
3. I am a visual learner. I do so much better when I have visuals. I have the worst time just doing something alone then having a quiz or test over it.
4. I really like that we get a lot of opportunities to work with other people on a lot of the things we do. I think I usually understand it better that way.
5. I like that we do blogs and stuff outside of class instead of giving us a worksheet and telling us to do it and turn it in the next day.
6. I am passionate about music, photography, and acting.
7. Next semester I will still be in guitar, and I think that’s about it so far.
8. I know nothing about those books
9. Poetry is like a song but in a different form. Most people write it about things that mean something to them. I have written poetry before, I’ve heard I’m pretty good at it too :]
10. We like to joke around a lot.
11. If I were teaching the class I would change how many PLN’s we have to do. It’s hard to keep up.
12. The first day next semester I want to accomplish starting off good.
13. I’m motivated by music, photography, poetry, and friends.
14. I like hearing stories of how teachers got into trouble back when they were in school. :]
15. I can’t say I’m like any character that I have read about or seen in a movie. I’m just me.

ElizabethE2012 said...

1. Snowbaording and the rapids.

2. Its a lot easier than 8th grade. But I don’t have a computer at home so it is kind of hard to do most things.

3. When the person is a little funny cuase it keeps my eyes focused on them and I don’t really like watching movies cause it makes me so tired I could loose focuse eaisly if someone tried talking after the movie or clip.

4. Group activites and hands on stuff I really understand.

5. Creating something like a college of photos and scrapbooking.

6. Soccer,soccer,and more soccer!

7.Soccer and voulunterring for the humane society of denver.

8. Nothing actually but they both sound very interesting.

9. I would define poetry as expressing myself in ways I cant express with words and yes I have written a lot of poetry in my free time and so does my mom she has made some amazing ones.

10. The guys can get really out of hand when they want to but other than that we are all very good.

11. you can turn stuff in on paper because some people don’t have computers.

12. turn in my first assignment on the due date.

13. I am motivated by all the people who do so much to change the the world.

14. what sports do you like?

15. Kristen Stewart, I am like her because she is a tomboy and she has problems with her mom and dad and boys in the movie “Tiwlight”.

FinlayB2012 said...

1. The snow because I like to snowboard.
2. We read cool books.
3. By doing stuff.
4. Writing a lot of paragraphs
5. Sports
6. Wrestling
7. I will be doing wrestling and lacrosse.
8. I don’t know anything about these books.
9. I think poetry is expressing you. I don’t write poetry very much.
10. We like to have fun
11. I would have more in class activities and less homework.
12. Do a good job on whatever we do.
13. being able to play sports if I have good grades
14. Where are you from?
15. Rocky Balboa because I am tough.

AaronS2012 said...

1. I like the weather here for the most part and I like the mountains. There is a lot of things you can do in Colorado.
2. I like the kids in this class and how supportive they can be. This class also works well together.
3. I learn best with seeing things such as presentations. This helps me see what I am learning about and it stays with me longer because of this.
4. I think the Pln presentations were pretty good because it was just interesting to hear about all of the different things that are happening in this world.
5. Doing sports has been really meaningful to me because it helps me make friends and I like playing sports.
6. I am passionate about drumming and skateboarding. I love to skateboard and I am in two bands as the drummer.
7. Next semester one of the bands that I am in are going to start recording our songs and make more music.
8. I haven’t read either of them but I think I have heard of Lord of the Flies.
9. I would define poetry as rhyming and telling a story using that method. I have also done some poetry before in my classes.
10. This class has good kids and we are easy to get along with.
11. I would change the amount of work because it always seems like we are doing like 3 projects at once.
12. I want to keep my fresh A all semester long.
13. I personally am motivated by compliments and topics I want to learn about
14. Have you ever taught an English class before?
15. I don’t know if I am like any person in a book or movie because I live a pretty ordinary life and all the people in books and movies something amazing happens to them.

alexw2012 said...

1. It amazing due to the varying weather and altitude.
2. I like my amazing teacher
3. I like hand outs and things I can read.
4. I love learning how to do stuff on a computer.
4. I am in Marching band and It ROCKS.
6. BAND!!!
7. BAND!!!
8. nothing, but I hope to learn more
9. Words. No
10. We do not like to be treated like kids
11. I would have us read more contemporary novels.
12. I would like to get to know you.
13. I can not think of any thing.
14. I want to know where you went to college.
15.I am like the shark in Jaws

joeyo2012 said...

1. my favorite thing about colorado is the mountains.
2. its a fun class and some of my friends are in the class to.
3. how i learn the best if i do the work.
4. none of the activities have been meaningful.
5. skateboarding
7. flirting with girls, going to raves, and skateboarding.
8. nothing about them.
9. yes and i hate it
10. theres alot of funny people in it.
11. how many plns we get a weak.
12. get work done
13. nothing really
14. nothing
15. dont know

anthonyf2012 said...

2.projects we do
3.interactive learning projects
8.lord of the flies is a movie
9.ryhming, yes i've written poetry gets crazy sometimes
11.focus on something besides what matters
12.just getting us to waking up early

Lena R 2012 said...

1. My favorite thing about Colorado is that you can go out and about all over town with your friends and just have fun.
2. I like that English 9 isn’t exactly like the normal English class and that you get to do things differently.
3. I learn best by seeing, hearing, and doing.
4. Getting to work in a group with your friends about a book or project you read or did is good.
5. Hanging out with my friends and listening to music is the meaningful activities outside of class that I do.
6. I like to write, draw, and read a lot. Music and my friends are a huge part of my life.
7. I don’t really know for sure, because it’s in the future and no one knows their future.
8. I know that they are odd sounding books, but they do sound pretty interesting.
9. I wouldn’t really know how to define poetry except that it’s the words from a person that flow together and have a deep meaning.
10. Well, to be honest. English class is actually really talkative and a little wild.
11. I wouldn’t give out homework, that’s for sure. ;]
12. Uh, I don’t know... Starting out good?
13. Getting into the College I want to really.
14. You will be teaching our class for about 3 months.
15. I haven’t a clue. I would probably say Alaska from Looking For Alaska. Everyone said that she reminded them of me, and once I read it I did see how I was like her. Because we both love reading, and are good at pulling pranks.


jakeL2012 said...

1. My favorite things about colorado is the mountains.
2.It has really fun things to think about.
3.I learn the best with hands on activities.
4. The most meaningful was the talk about the 1 laptop 1 child program.
5. All of my skateboarding contests and things with my friends.
6. I am passionate about skateboeading and baseball. Thats just what I do.
7. Skateboarding of course and probally baseball
8. I know asoutly nothing about these books.
9. I have written poetry and almost won a prize at my school, but i dont like it.
10. We are a fun class and loud. I am ery loud I have a twin bro.
11. The style of writing we do (What matteres.)
12. I want to get to know you better.
13. By my brother I dont like him all the time but he pushes me to do thins I never tought I could.
14. Is that your real name? Ruggles?
15. Paul baumer because we both have a lot to learn.

EmilyK2012 said...

1.My favorite thing about living in Colorado is the mountains. I love to hike up there and in the winter ski and board.

2. I like the way that Ms. Smith runs class, she is laid back and just wants help us learn however she can.
3. I learn best by doing lots of different kinds of things and lots of different learning styles.
4. Being able to do our PLN Presentation and share something that we found interesting with the class
5. I took a dance class that was really fun, I didn’t do a whole lot this semester but I am planning on starting a variety of activities next semester.
6. I am most passionate about my faith; it is what everything in my life is built on.
7. Next semester I will be playing Lacrosse and playing either guitar or piano, there is plenty that I would like to do but I am not sure yet exactly what I’ll be doing.
8. I don’t know anything about either of these books.
9. Poetry isn’t my favorite thing, I just don’t think that way so I struggle with it quite a bit.
10. You should know that we like to have fun, and we like to talk and discuss things.
12. On the first day I want to get off to a good start with my teachers and get excited about the semester.
13. I am motivated by my friends and myself. I can usually force myself to do something and make myself get excited about something, but when I can’t my friends usually can.
14. I don’t know that there is one thing I would like to know about you, I am interested in getting to know you as you teach our class.

NateL2012 said...

Hello Mr. Ruffles! Can i call you Rug Diggity? I sit next to chase!
1.To answer your question my favorite thing about Colorado is the weather! it is never too humid and one day it will be snowy and the next it is sun ny and warm!
2.I like the books that we have read so far this year in english 9, like "All Quiet on the Western Front" and "Into thee Wild" i hated to Odyssey though.
3. I like to learn Hands-On with projects and lots of group projects.
4.I has been meaningful to me to have in-class discussions, because that helps me understand things, and hear other peoples opinions.
5. I dont really like homework so anything that we have done out of class, but i guess that i enjoyed reading the books more than writing projects.
6. I am passionate about Hockey, because that is the best sport in the world
7.My dad is getting re-married so i have to do a ton of things for that this semester
8. No i have never heard of these two books
9. I have written poetry before and im really bad at it. i guess i would define poetry as like rythmic writing.
10.we talk a lot, and sometimes its probably really hard to teach, but when its really important we do get our work done and we usually do a pretty good job.
11.I would probably make it so we dont have to do PLN's or blogging.
12.Make friends with you!
13. i am motivated to do my work and really do a good job if i think what we are learning about is interesting, because then it matters a lot more to me, and i may even look forward to doing it.
14.I dont know anything except that your name is Mr. Ruggles and you are gonna be out student teacher.
15. The Rock!!!!!! because im a stud muffin, the rock is so awesome and i hope im just like him when i grow up.

briannab2012 said...

1. My favorite thing about Colorado is how the weather changes all the time.
2. What I like about English 9 is how we are all very close and we are like a family. I also like how we read out loud.
3. I learn the best when it is very quiet and I am by myself.
4. Some activities that have been really helpful to me is the PLN's. I also like the reading aloud, because it makes me understand what I am reading better.
5. Some activities outside the classroom that have been meaningful to me is the off hours. They give me a chance to cetch up on my school work.
6. I am passionate about my friends and my family. I am also passionate about cheerleading and my horses.
7. I will be participating in cheerleading.
8. I have never heard of these books but they sound interesting.
9. I would define poetry as ryhming and depth in your thoughts. Yes, in eight grade we had to write a book of all different types of poetry.
10. One thing that you should know is our class likes to have fun.
11. If i was teaching the class the one thing that I would change is not giving the class any homework.
12. One thing that I want to accomplish the first day of second semester is getting my grades up.
13. I am really motivated in cheerleading.
14. The one thing that I want to know about you is, if you are a fun teacher.

Angel L 2012 said...

1. My favorite thing about Colorado is the mountains, because they are so much fun to snowboard off of during the winter time.
2. What I like about English #9 is that all of the people are nice, so it makes the class a nice learning environment.
3. How I learn the best in this class is when we do cool projects in groups, because it is fun and we all get stuff done easily. And what also helps me learn is when we are able to listen to music, on our i-pods during all of the writing assignments in class.
4. The different presentations that we do are meaningful to me.
5. All of the school plays have been meaningful to me outside the class.
6. I am very passionate about acting on the stage, singing, and some art.
7. I hope to be in more of the AHS plays during the second semester.
8. The only thing that I know about these books is that my friends have already read them.
9. I would define poetry as peaceful thoughts, yes I have written poetry before.
10. We are a little crazy.
11. I would change all of the PLN’s because they are so time consuming.
12. I would want to accomplish more writing skills.
13. I’m motivated by bribes.
14. The one thing that I know about you is that you are teaching our class for a short time.
15. I’m not really like a character in a book or a movie.

MaureenI70464 said...

1. My favorite thing about Colorado is having the mountains so nearby to us so on some cold day you can wake up early and drive down their then just watch the snow, and walk around in the small town, and watch the snow.
2. I like the people in the class mostly, I think this class has a good atmosphere in it and I like the grading system we have is very helpful and a success.
3. I learn best by lots of classroom discussions and help from the teachers I think, when you have ways to make up for your mistakes.
4. I really like the PLN assignments and the PLN presentations because we get to have a discussion about what we think really strongly about. I think they are a good way to stay up to date with the world as well.
5. Lacrosse and spending time with my friends. I think that both of those are really important because they are what really get you going and make you happy. With sports brings friends.
6. My love for animals and doing what I can to save or help them in any ways that I can.
7. Spring lacrosse starts up in the spring, and aside from that I haven’t really decided yet, dumb friends league the first Saturday of every month, and focusing on grades and school work for a while.
8. I haven’t heard of either of these books actually, but I think they both sound interesting.
9. I haven’t ever really written poetry except for school assignments, and I think that poetry is whatever a person wants it to be, it just comes from your heart and is personal.
10. I think that this class is really fun and has good intentions. There are just people who like to make it fun, which is always good.
11. I don’t like being assigned a book to read. I think if we need to read a book, then we should each pick our own and have to fill out questions about it so it is proved that we actually read it. I think that if we got to choose, so many more people would actually read it.
12. Maybe just to learn about you and your life.
13. Just myself. I really can’t focus unless I am wanting to do it. May sound selfish but that’s the way I work.
14. About your family, what you like to do, things like that in general. It’s always nice when teachers tell you everything about themselves and bring in pictures and stuff. It’s interesting.
15. I think I’m writing my own book/movie :)

ruthl2012 said...

Mr. Ruggles
1)I have lived in Colorado for 5 years. I was born in California so I’m not used to the weather here. What I like most about Colorado is the mountains especially when there is snow it’s such a nice view!
2)There are a lot of things that I like about English 9 such as the group projects and I love using the lab tops.
3)The most effective way that I learn is to review almost every day because it will refresh my mind and I will remember more.
4)We were in groups and we did a project based on a book. This helped me because I learn more from other students in the class since. They always have ideas and suggestions.
5)I like to study history because I’m really good in that class.
6)I play the trumpet and I’m passionate for music because I can express myself with music and not words. I love listening to music to. It is like my medicine whenever I feel bad.
7)I don’t think I will be participating in anything. I might just be more involved with band.
8)I don’t really know anything about these books but I’m excited to read them all!
9)I think poetry is a piece of writing that has a lot of deep meaning behind it. I actually love writing poetry it is a good way to write creatively.
10)We use lab tops in our class and we read together as a class.
11)I would change the books. I would make the class vote on a book they would rather read.
12)I want to accomplish my reading. I want to read out loud more.
13)Friends motivate me a lot because they are always there supporting me.
14)I know that you’re going to be our student teacher second semester.
15)I think I’m like Paul because he is very calm and in the book it doesn’t seem like he gets mad.

Chaseo2012 said...

Hello Mr. Ruggles. Can I call ya Ruggs? I'm Chase.I sit next to Nate. 1.) I think my favorite thing about Colorado is the weather in the state. One day it could be snowing and then, by the end of the day, all the snow could have melted. In the summer it still feels like summer and in the winter it feels like winter. The only thing is that sometimes, you can expect snow in the middle of April.
2.) What I like about English 9 is how sophisticated it is. I like how our class can still mess around though. We can be serious and then joke around the next minute. And we still get everything done on time. I also like how we have been brought into the 21st century with the laptops and everything.
3.) I think the way I learn best is to have fun while doing it. I'm pretty much all about having fun and it works better for me when I have fun while learning. For example, I learn well in this class because we can still joke around a little bit while learning.
4.) In the classroom, what has been meaningful to me has been having in depth conversations about topics on peoples Personal Learning Networks. Many good subjects have come up from the PLN's because many people choose great topics to talk about in their PLN's.
5.) Outside of the classroom, I have made great friends in this class and have gotten to spend some time with them outside the class. That has been great for me. 6.) I am passionate about my friends and family. Friends are some of the most important things to me. My friends are like my second family and my family is very close to me as well. I love music and play guitar some. So I am also passionate about music.
7.) I plan on joining the Arapahoe Track Team and maybe doing some drama stuff. Maybe a couple music things too.
8.) I have never heard of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night. I have heard about Lord of the Flies. Apparently it's about kids an an island and it's kind of freaky or something.
9.) I have written poetry before in English class in Eighth grade and fifth grade. I would describe it as a way for some people to express themselves through words and rhymes.
10.) Our class likes to be treated like we are mature most of the time. But some times, we just want to mess around.
11.)I don't really know. I wouldn't really change anything about the class. Especially not the seating arrangement. Maybe reading books that we know or everyone finds interesting.
12.) One thing I want to accomplish is getting used to the system we will be using again and get back into all the stuff we do at school.
13.) I am motivated by how well I want to do in the world. Ms. Smith always tells us that we are more than just an English class and that our goal for this class is to change the world. I think that is part of what motivates me in English class.
14.) I'd like to know what your age is. For some reason, I learn better from younger teachers.
15.) I can't really say that I am like one movie character or book character, but if I had to choose one, I would say I am like Chris McCandless in his last couple days when he realized that what truly mattered to him was his friends and family. I haven't realized that lately, but I've known it for a while.

OliviaB2012 said...

1.I love Colorado and the thing I love most is that most of my family lives here, and the mountains here. I love the mountains because you can see them from wherever you are and they are beautiful.
2.What I like about English 9 is that the work isn’t quite easy and not too hard, the work is at just the right level.
3.I am a visual, and hands on learner so if I can do things myself I can understand it better and quicker. Also, if I have something right in front of me, I learn faster. If I am just don’t told it isn’t as easy.
4.The group activities we do are meaningful because I can expand my learning more by hearing what other people have to say, and their ideas plus my ideas can always make for a good project.
6.I am passionate about photography, and dirt biking. I just love taking pictures of everything and printing them so I can make a huge collage on my wall. I am also passionate about dirt biking and go whenever I have a chance. I haven’t entered a race yet but really want to sometime in the near future.
7. I probably won’t be doing much of anything because none of that stuff interests me too much.
8.I know nothing about either of those books.
9.I define poetry as a form of writing that rhymes or can be in different formats that express someone’s feelings about something. I have written my own poetry but only for a class, not just on my own.
10.You should know that sometimes this class can be a little crazy, but we can also listen to directions and be respectful.
11.I would let the class read books that interest them, something they actually want to read because I know when I read a book that I am not interested in, I just read and don’t remember or care about the book.
12.I want to accomplish reading faster on the first day of the new semester.
13.I am motivated by the thought of going to college so I can become a veterinarian so I need to get good grades.
14. One thing I want to know about you is how did you know you wanted to do this student teacher thing?

calebw2012 said...

1.Colorado is great the thing I like most about it is the weather. I love the weather hear because you never know for sure what it is going to be like. Also because we never have a winter without snow.
2.English 9 is so much fun, no matter what we are doing in the class it is always so much fun. We always have good topics to write about and good books to read.
3.I learn best when I do things such as write read and do hands on things.
4.I think the things in this class that are meaningful to me are having so many friends in the class and the class always being so much fun.
5.Having a lot of friends, off hours and, teacher help and support have been the most meaningful things to me outside this class.
6.I love to write and I love music. Hanging out with my friends is one of my favorite things to do.
7.The things I will be doing most will be sports and hanging out with my friends.
8.I don’t know anything about these books, but they sound like good ones.
9.Poetry is a type of writing that is peaceful and mellow. I have written my own poetry many times.
10.This class is awesome and is always a lot of fun.
11.I would not change anything about this class, it is always tons of fun and I like the way it is.
12.I want to make sure my writing is still good after a long break.
13.I am motivated by myself and my friends and teachers; they are really helpful when you could use a hand.
14.Where did you go to school?
15.Paul from All Quiet on the Western Front because he was trying to figure out what he was going to do with his life and so am I.
Caleb Wilmore

mitchell2012 said...

Hello Mr. Ruggles my name is Mitchel Lincoln.
1. I have many favorite things about Colorado. To start off the mountains in the winter, but during the summer is the dirt bike tracks.
2. One thing I enjoy about English nine is that we are able to use the laptops every day so we don’t have to spend extra hours that are not needed typing or researching what is not needed.
3. The way I learn best is by hearing and then doing.
4. The types of activities that have been really meaningful to me are the small projects about the characters that we read in our books.
5. The types of activities that are meaningful to me outside of the class room are the sports I take part in and the help I can come in and get on my off hours.
6. I am passionate about my family friends and making something out of my life, change the world.
7. The sorts of things I will be taking part of second semester will be my academics, baseball, working, snowboarding and dirt biking when it gets warmer.
8. To speak my mind I have truthfully never heard of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night and the Lord of The Flies was alright but not the best book in the world.
9. Poetry is the art of expressing one’s mind through short rhythmical stories, and yes I have written poetry before and I prefer that over what matters.
10. We like to clap when people walk into the class room it’s our own special thing and have fun with the class.
11. If I were teaching thee class one thing I would change is not doing the PLN’s they don’t have much to do with our learning except inform us about what is happening in the world and I really can’t express my best writing through these pieces of writing.
12. One thing I plan to accomplish on the first day of the second semester is setting a goal to succeed in getting a 4.0
13. One thing that really motivates me is to take pride in my work and do a fantastic job.
14. What is your favorite football team and do you like the Vikings.
15. The movie that describes me and my life right now is the movie Invincible because the odds are against me because I had just moved I didn’t know anybody no one knew me I had to prove myself in my athletics and show the coaches what I can do, also in my academics because I had come from a school that ever thing came easy to me and I had a little struggle here so I had to reset my standards for how I will do in this new area.

KalvinP2012 said...

1: Definantly the snow, the mountains and the skiing and snowbarding is great here.
2: That in our class we get to use laptops and it makes the class a lot more fun and interesting. With our laptops we can do a lot more things that classes without laptops can’t do like this.
3: I think it varies to the subject and the project in each class.
4: Being able to use laptops, it gives us more freedom.
5: I love to snowboard and I am in a band and I play guitar so I usually hang out with the band.
6: I am passionate about music.
7: Yes I dislike poetry a lot. If we could some hoe put more interest in it that might be better.
8: That we like to have fun.
9: Not doing PLNs, they are a pain.
10: It depends on what our goals are for the semester.
13: Getting a good grade.
14: Do you have a criminal record??? :)
15: I honestly don't know who I would compare myself with. sorry.

paiges2012 said...

1. Colorado is a beautiful place to live, and there are great parts about it. My favorite thing about Colorado is definitely the mountains. I really love to ski in the winter, and camp and hike in the summer. The mountains are the most beautiful place to be any time of the year. In this part of Colorado, we have an amazing view, and when the sun reflects off the mountain tops each morning and sunset, it is a spectacular sight to see.
2. In English 9, I really like how we do project quizzes. After every couple chapters in the books we read, we take a quiz but it is usually it is something creative like making a collage about what matters to the character of our choice, or how the effects of war on young soldiers is shown. This forces us to think on higher level thinking questions and apply them in a way that relates to the book, but also to us. I prefer these rather then quizzes with questions regarding what happened in the book because then we can’t go further into the story than what is written in the text. I also like how we have bonded as a class, and how we are able to work with each other.
3. I learn best with hands-on projects and visualizing things. I tend to get things, and they stick in my head better when I can do things for myself, or when I can see how things work or are put together. This is the reason that I like project quizzes better than normal quizzes. If I can physically put something together by myself, and take it apart and to it again, I understand the concept better and I can apply it better.
4. Our big question this semester has been “What matters?” We applied this first to ourselves by creating a blog and writing what is important in our lives. Then we made a collage online with pictures showing what mattered to us. Then we applied the question to all the texts that we read. This has been the most meaningful to me because it has made me think about what other people feel, whether in real life or in fiction. It has made me think about what’s going through peoples head when I read books. I have developed the skill of comprehending reading and thinking it through better in this class than ever before. This skill will stay with me forever and it’s the one that means that means the most to me.
5. Volleyball is very meaningful to me. It is a sport that I play almost year round and that I am passionate about. I also am involved in Student Council at Arapahoe. In the summer I play softball, and in the spring I run track.
6. I am most passionate about, my faith, volleyball and my academics. These things really matter to me, as well as spending time with my family and friends.
7. In the second semester I will be playing volleyball for Colorado Intensity, participating in Student Council and running track for Arapahoe.
8. I honestly don’t know anything about those books. I think that it will be very interesting to read them.
9. I define poetry as deep literature that means something. It goes much deeper than the context, and you have to dig into it and understand it. I have never written my own poetry, but I would be willing to try.
10. I think that you should know that our class is a great class to be in, and we always have fun doing things like working in group projects and discussions in class,
11. If I were teaching the class, one thing that I would change is the way we have PLN presentations. I would change having up to 4 go in one day to one or two, allowing the class to debate about matters in the world, and how we should go about them.
12. On the first day of the second semester, I wish to accomplish the concept of the second semester, and what is going to be the ultimate thinking question for the end of the semester.
13. I think that I am most motivated by my dreams and goals. I often set high standards for myself and do what I can to reach them, and that motivates me to do higher and better than the requirements.
14. One thing that I would like to know is
15. I think that I am most like the pauper in The Prince and the Pauper because I work for what I have but I have success. I have a lot of friends and get along quite well in life but I recognize the fact that I have to work for everything I have to find success, I do not jus have it handed to me. I have never switched places with a Prince, but I think my personality matches that of the pauper.