Thursday, January 8, 2009

top 10 caleb2012

1. Help the poor
2. Give homeless people homes
3. Help third world country’s
4. Religion
5. Health
6. Racism
7. Politics
8. Abortion
9. Drug abuse
10. Teen pregnancy
1. Child trafficking
2. world hunger
3. poverty
4. recycling
5. war
6. violence
7. animal abuse
8. child labor
9. discrimination of religion
10. abortion

Top ten items

Here are my top ten items:

Donating to a charity to find the cure for every type of cancer Cancer-The American Cancer SocietyGetting rid of terrorism and communism.Donating to a charity to find the cure for AIDS-The American society of AIDS researchLetting people sleep in later so they dont have to get up early, it isnt healthy to get up early.Stoping child slavery in Asia and Africa/Child abuse.Stoping the genocide in Africa.Helping out families in poverty/unemployed.Stoping world hunger.Help the almost extinct animals- Gay marrige.

Top 10

1. Leash laws for dogs
2. Women pro athletes getting paid less than men pro athletes
3. Cremation vs. burial
4. Wasting material (food, water, etc.)
5. Illegal fights (dogs, chickens, etc.)
6. Money! Problems paying off things
7. Colleges (hard to be successful)
8. Global warming
9. Gay marriages
10. The death sentence (for jail)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Top Ten

1. War in Uganda
2. Unclean water in Africa
3. Haitian poverty
4. Teen pregnancy
5. Global Warming
6. Israel conflict
7. One Child Policy
8. Racism
9. Cancer
10. Cuba
1. World hunger.
2. Cancer.
3. Aids.
4. Crime
5. Gay marriage
6. Car accidents
7. Health care
8. Under age sex
9. Global warming
10. education

My Top Ten List

- go to India and help build schools to educate the people of India that are considered the lowest part of the cast system.
- Gay marriage
- unemployment
- Teen deaths (car accidents)
- Divorce
- world hunger
- Teen pregnancy
- racism
- crime
- disease(cancer)

My 10 things

1. World hunger. i dont think that any families anywhere should have to go without food and i think that maybe the government should help families and homeless people who cant afford their own groceries.
2. Kids without christmas presents. This winter break me and my family made four stockings that were full of presents for young children and its hard to think of christmas without presents, but its what some kids have to deal with.
3. Gay marrige. I think that gays should have the same rights as a normal couple, because all people are created equal.
4. Free healthcare. I dont think that everybody should have free healthcare payed for by the government, but i think that poverish families and single parents should get help from the government on healthcare.
5. Slavery. There are still countries like Egypt and china that export people as slaves, and no one should have to live in misery without hope like these people are.
6. Genocide. In Rwanda and Barundi there are people that get annihilated because of thier beliefs, and i think that everyone has the right to pursue what they believe is right.
7. Child Abuse. Not only do abused children have miserable childhoods with miserable parents but they often cant adapt into society after what happened to them, much like post- traumatic stress disorder.
8. Domestic violence. People who hit or abuse other people can end up hurting or seriously injuring someone.
9. Cancer. Cancer is the number one killer of human beings. so there is nothing bigger to fight against, especially when it can leave families devatstated and broken.
10. Education. A lot of problems can be solved by education if people come up with ideas to help other people.

Top 10

1. Shortage of water in 3rd world countries
2. Lack of Recycling
3. Value/Wastefulness of War
4. Heathcare Reform
5. Homelessness
6. Medical Research Issues
7. Violence/Crime
8. Sexual Preferences
9. Racism
10. Disease Ideas/Changes (including accessibility to medicine and hospital entry)

Assignment - Change The World

Post your Top Ten List of Topics

These can be either controversal topics, positions to take, and possible actions


Problems in your life, positions to take, and possible actions

-Make sure that you post ten ideas. Thanks!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Three Item Intro

Post your answers to the following on your own personal blog:

For every item:

1. What is it? Describe the item (colors, features, shape, size, etc...)
2. So What? Describe its significance to you.
3. Now What? How does this item lead you to believe, think or act differently?