Friday, February 20, 2009

Mr. Ruggles Student Teaching Questionnaire

1. What is one thing that that Mr. Ruggles does well?
2. What is one thing that Mr. Ruggles can improve upon?
3. Rank these on a scale of one to five (with five being the highest) and leave a one sentence explanation explaining your number:

a. How would you rank Mr. Ruggles’ communication skills? (Verbal, nonverbal, written)
b. How would you rank Mr. Ruggles’ lessons (are they interesting and meaningful)
c. How would you rank Mr. Ruggles’ classroom management techniques
d. How would you rank Mr. Ruggles’ assessments (graded fairly, timely, and well done)
e. How would you rank Mr. Ruggles’ use of technology (website, PowerPoint, etc.)
f. How would you rank Mr. Ruggles’ attitude and excitement for teaching this class?

4. What is the most fun and/or meaningful activity that you have completed in this class? Why? 5. What assignment did you not enjoy? Why?
6. What else can I do to help you in the classroom?
7. What other comments or feedback do you want to give Mr. Ruggles?

Friday, February 13, 2009

Cycle 2: Multiple Redo Survey

Please be honest and reflective in your responses focusing on the school year so far (first semester and the first six weeks of second semester). If you do not understand what a question is asking, please do not hesitate to ask Mr. Ruggles or Smith. Make sure to take the survey only ONE time. Sign off in the comment section when you have completed the survey.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

What can we do together?

This project has really helped me. I understand it well and I think that the structure of class lessons help me acquire an even greater understanding of how to write a better and more proficient paper. The hardest thing so far is the criticism that two teachers are giving me. Previously, only one teacher would give there input on my paper, now there are two. The easiest thing is probably the structure. At the beginning of the project it was hard but now as it goes on I understand it more. The thing that you could do that would make to project more effective would be more in class work time. It would help because I need advice.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

PLN-- "I remember when"

The video, I remember when was about what these little kids remember a few years ago, and how now everything is different. The point to the video was that the world is always changing and will continue to change as long as there are people on this earth. It relates to our class because we are trying to change the world for the better and some of the problems in it.

PLN--Lost Generation

In the video Lost Generation, it shows how we have the choice of our future and that we make the decisions. It's trying to get across that change happens; but it's whether we make it good or bad. This article relates to what we are doing in class because the change we want to make is for the better, but to make it better we need pursue it and work extremely hard. It's difficult. But I believe we can all do it. That's how the video Lost Generation relates to what we are doing in English 9.

Monday, February 9, 2009

What We Can Do

I really like this project. It is a great learning experience and allows us to learn how to write a great essay and explore a global topic. I would really appreciate more work time in class and more one-on-one conferences. Those really seem to help me understand what to write and how to write it. I also think that it would help if we had a written rubric because my notes are not very good and i need to be able to look at something to keep me on task and on topic with my writing. overall its been a good stressful experience.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

What we can do

This project is a very good idea to help try to change the world. This project has let the students become more responsible and it has also let us get to learn more about what we are trying and wanting to change. The project has been very hard at some points and some of those times is learning how to do the citations and quotes. I get what we are supposed to do but it is very difficult at times. I feel that there is nothing really that the teachers can do more of to help out besides giving us work time. Another thing that the teachers can do to help out is give us some helpful hints on our paragraphs. I am really happy that we have teachers that can believe that students will change the world.

Monday, February 2, 2009

I think this project has been interesting and helpful. However, I think that we have had an excessive amount of homework. I think that this project would be awesome and educating if we just had a tiny bit less howmework. So far I think that the hardest thing has been color coding all 12 sources.

Whats going on?

I think we need alot more work time and alot of it, there is too much stuff for us to get down and we need time and help to get everything good and right.

Whats going on?

I think we need alot more work time and alot of it, there is too much stuff for us to get down and we need time and help to get everything good and right.

What Can We Do Together?

How has this project been going? What has been the hardest thing so far? What has been the easiest? How can I make this project more effective for you? Other suggestions?