Monday, May 11, 2009

One Word (maybe I will give you a phrase)

I am asking you to give me one word that describes the change in you, in the class, and the change in your learning this school year. I want to take these words and your photo to create works of art to display at my presentation. So think about

1. what is one word or phrase to describe a change in you this year;

2. what is one word or phrase you would use to describe this class;

3. and, what is one word or phrase to describe the change in your learning?

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

CI Chapter #157

Some tramatic events in Chapter #157 happened.

1.) What happened?

2.) What was Christopher's reaction to the events?

3.) What would have been your reaction to the events if you were in Christopher's position?

Friday, March 13, 2009

CIDNT Pre-Writing: Part One

As we start this unit on The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, and look specifically at relationships and their role in our lives, please think about and write your response to this question:

Why do we need relationships?

I am looking for a good, four or more sentences, answer to this question that really gives me an idea of what you think and believe.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Mr. Ruggles Student Teaching Questionnaire

1. What is one thing that that Mr. Ruggles does well?
2. What is one thing that Mr. Ruggles can improve upon?
3. Rank these on a scale of one to five (with five being the highest) and leave a one sentence explanation explaining your number:

a. How would you rank Mr. Ruggles’ communication skills? (Verbal, nonverbal, written)
b. How would you rank Mr. Ruggles’ lessons (are they interesting and meaningful)
c. How would you rank Mr. Ruggles’ classroom management techniques
d. How would you rank Mr. Ruggles’ assessments (graded fairly, timely, and well done)
e. How would you rank Mr. Ruggles’ use of technology (website, PowerPoint, etc.)
f. How would you rank Mr. Ruggles’ attitude and excitement for teaching this class?

4. What is the most fun and/or meaningful activity that you have completed in this class? Why? 5. What assignment did you not enjoy? Why?
6. What else can I do to help you in the classroom?
7. What other comments or feedback do you want to give Mr. Ruggles?

Friday, February 13, 2009

Cycle 2: Multiple Redo Survey

Please be honest and reflective in your responses focusing on the school year so far (first semester and the first six weeks of second semester). If you do not understand what a question is asking, please do not hesitate to ask Mr. Ruggles or Smith. Make sure to take the survey only ONE time. Sign off in the comment section when you have completed the survey.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

What can we do together?

This project has really helped me. I understand it well and I think that the structure of class lessons help me acquire an even greater understanding of how to write a better and more proficient paper. The hardest thing so far is the criticism that two teachers are giving me. Previously, only one teacher would give there input on my paper, now there are two. The easiest thing is probably the structure. At the beginning of the project it was hard but now as it goes on I understand it more. The thing that you could do that would make to project more effective would be more in class work time. It would help because I need advice.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

PLN-- "I remember when"

The video, I remember when was about what these little kids remember a few years ago, and how now everything is different. The point to the video was that the world is always changing and will continue to change as long as there are people on this earth. It relates to our class because we are trying to change the world for the better and some of the problems in it.

PLN--Lost Generation

In the video Lost Generation, it shows how we have the choice of our future and that we make the decisions. It's trying to get across that change happens; but it's whether we make it good or bad. This article relates to what we are doing in class because the change we want to make is for the better, but to make it better we need pursue it and work extremely hard. It's difficult. But I believe we can all do it. That's how the video Lost Generation relates to what we are doing in English 9.

Monday, February 9, 2009

What We Can Do

I really like this project. It is a great learning experience and allows us to learn how to write a great essay and explore a global topic. I would really appreciate more work time in class and more one-on-one conferences. Those really seem to help me understand what to write and how to write it. I also think that it would help if we had a written rubric because my notes are not very good and i need to be able to look at something to keep me on task and on topic with my writing. overall its been a good stressful experience.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

What we can do

This project is a very good idea to help try to change the world. This project has let the students become more responsible and it has also let us get to learn more about what we are trying and wanting to change. The project has been very hard at some points and some of those times is learning how to do the citations and quotes. I get what we are supposed to do but it is very difficult at times. I feel that there is nothing really that the teachers can do more of to help out besides giving us work time. Another thing that the teachers can do to help out is give us some helpful hints on our paragraphs. I am really happy that we have teachers that can believe that students will change the world.

Monday, February 2, 2009

I think this project has been interesting and helpful. However, I think that we have had an excessive amount of homework. I think that this project would be awesome and educating if we just had a tiny bit less howmework. So far I think that the hardest thing has been color coding all 12 sources.

Whats going on?

I think we need alot more work time and alot of it, there is too much stuff for us to get down and we need time and help to get everything good and right.

Whats going on?

I think we need alot more work time and alot of it, there is too much stuff for us to get down and we need time and help to get everything good and right.

What Can We Do Together?

How has this project been going? What has been the hardest thing so far? What has been the easiest? How can I make this project more effective for you? Other suggestions?

Thursday, January 8, 2009

top 10 caleb2012

1. Help the poor
2. Give homeless people homes
3. Help third world country’s
4. Religion
5. Health
6. Racism
7. Politics
8. Abortion
9. Drug abuse
10. Teen pregnancy
1. Child trafficking
2. world hunger
3. poverty
4. recycling
5. war
6. violence
7. animal abuse
8. child labor
9. discrimination of religion
10. abortion

Top ten items

Here are my top ten items:

Donating to a charity to find the cure for every type of cancer Cancer-The American Cancer SocietyGetting rid of terrorism and communism.Donating to a charity to find the cure for AIDS-The American society of AIDS researchLetting people sleep in later so they dont have to get up early, it isnt healthy to get up early.Stoping child slavery in Asia and Africa/Child abuse.Stoping the genocide in Africa.Helping out families in poverty/unemployed.Stoping world hunger.Help the almost extinct animals- Gay marrige.

Top 10

1. Leash laws for dogs
2. Women pro athletes getting paid less than men pro athletes
3. Cremation vs. burial
4. Wasting material (food, water, etc.)
5. Illegal fights (dogs, chickens, etc.)
6. Money! Problems paying off things
7. Colleges (hard to be successful)
8. Global warming
9. Gay marriages
10. The death sentence (for jail)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Top Ten

1. War in Uganda
2. Unclean water in Africa
3. Haitian poverty
4. Teen pregnancy
5. Global Warming
6. Israel conflict
7. One Child Policy
8. Racism
9. Cancer
10. Cuba
1. World hunger.
2. Cancer.
3. Aids.
4. Crime
5. Gay marriage
6. Car accidents
7. Health care
8. Under age sex
9. Global warming
10. education

My Top Ten List

- go to India and help build schools to educate the people of India that are considered the lowest part of the cast system.
- Gay marriage
- unemployment
- Teen deaths (car accidents)
- Divorce
- world hunger
- Teen pregnancy
- racism
- crime
- disease(cancer)

My 10 things

1. World hunger. i dont think that any families anywhere should have to go without food and i think that maybe the government should help families and homeless people who cant afford their own groceries.
2. Kids without christmas presents. This winter break me and my family made four stockings that were full of presents for young children and its hard to think of christmas without presents, but its what some kids have to deal with.
3. Gay marrige. I think that gays should have the same rights as a normal couple, because all people are created equal.
4. Free healthcare. I dont think that everybody should have free healthcare payed for by the government, but i think that poverish families and single parents should get help from the government on healthcare.
5. Slavery. There are still countries like Egypt and china that export people as slaves, and no one should have to live in misery without hope like these people are.
6. Genocide. In Rwanda and Barundi there are people that get annihilated because of thier beliefs, and i think that everyone has the right to pursue what they believe is right.
7. Child Abuse. Not only do abused children have miserable childhoods with miserable parents but they often cant adapt into society after what happened to them, much like post- traumatic stress disorder.
8. Domestic violence. People who hit or abuse other people can end up hurting or seriously injuring someone.
9. Cancer. Cancer is the number one killer of human beings. so there is nothing bigger to fight against, especially when it can leave families devatstated and broken.
10. Education. A lot of problems can be solved by education if people come up with ideas to help other people.

Top 10

1. Shortage of water in 3rd world countries
2. Lack of Recycling
3. Value/Wastefulness of War
4. Heathcare Reform
5. Homelessness
6. Medical Research Issues
7. Violence/Crime
8. Sexual Preferences
9. Racism
10. Disease Ideas/Changes (including accessibility to medicine and hospital entry)

Assignment - Change The World

Post your Top Ten List of Topics

These can be either controversal topics, positions to take, and possible actions


Problems in your life, positions to take, and possible actions

-Make sure that you post ten ideas. Thanks!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Three Item Intro

Post your answers to the following on your own personal blog:

For every item:

1. What is it? Describe the item (colors, features, shape, size, etc...)
2. So What? Describe its significance to you.
3. Now What? How does this item lead you to believe, think or act differently?

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Mr. Ruggles asks some questions...

1. I (Mr. Ruggles) have never lived in Colorado. What is your favorite thing about Colorado?
2. What do you like about English 9?
3. How do you learn best? In what concrete, specific ways?
4. What sorts of activities in the classroom have been really meaningful to you?
5. What sorts of activities outside of the classroom have been really meaningful to you?
6. What are you passionate about?
7. What sorts of things will you be participating in or doing second semester (Either inside or outside of AHS)?
8. Next semester we will be looking at the books The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night and Lord of the Flies. What do you know about these two books?
9. We will also be studying and writing poetry. How would you define poetry? Have you ever written your own poetry?
10. What is one thing I (Mr. Ruggles) should know about this class?
11. If you were teaching the class, what is one thing you would change?
12. What is one thing you want to accomplish on the first day of class second semester?
13. What are you really motivated by (besides your parent/guardian and receiving good grades)?
14. What is one thing you want to know about me (Mr. Ruggles)?
15. Finally, what one character in a movie or a book are you most like at this point in your life? Why?

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Semester Reflection

1. What changes have you seen this semester in regards to your education?
2. What role did technology play in that change?
3. Are you more or less motivated to learn?
4. Do you feel that your grade is an accurate measurement of your learning?
5. What role did the constructivist philosophy play in that change? (constructivist-students becoming producers of information, students in charge of their own learning.
6. What suggestions for improvement do you have for me next year?
7. Do you want to continue with the No D policy?
8.What are some of the things you would suggest I do again?
9. Did you finish the semester where you wanted to in terms of your learning or grade?
10. For those of you that finished the semester with a D or F what are you going to do differently next semester?
11.Make sure to include specific examples and expand on each other's ideas. Your feedback- honest and reflective- is important!

Post to blog when done

Thursday, September 11, 2008

What matters collage

Family/Heroes: First I will start with the third picture; This is Christopher Wallace (The Notorious B.I.G.) he's my favorite rap artist, and one of my idols. I really can connect with his music, and it's extremely poetic. My second photo (actually 3rd) is of my Grandparents. My grandpa passed away on August 26th 2006, but I still love him very much, also my grandmother is an amazing person, I don't always see her but when I do we always have great fun. The 4th picture in the collage is of my cousins Gabe and Kelsy. They mean the world to me, Kelsy recently had a baby girl and named it Sophia. Gabe is 29 and is the manager of a wine store. I am always with one of them, they are the best people to be around, me and Kelsy just sit around, but me and Gabe usually go play a game of golf. The first picture of the second row is of me and my sister; we dont always get along but when we do we have the best of times. She is a senior at Rock Canyon High School, and is extremely smart. She is looking to go to Yale or Syracuse next fall.

Sports: The third picture of the second row is a pro snowboarder. Snowboarding is my passion, every winter I go snowboarding every weekend. Its not just a sport, it's a way of life. I absolutely love it and I don't know what I would do without snowboarding, or snow. The 4th picture on the 2nd row is of a sector 9 sponsored longboard. Longboarding is also one of my passions, I do it basically every single day. I love going down big hills with my friends and power sliding. The second picture of the 3rd row is of the Spanish soccer club FCB (Futbol club Barcelona) they are my favorite soccer team. To add to that, my favorite player plays for them, his name is Ronaldhino.

Friday, August 29, 2008

what matters to joeyo

What matters to me is family, skating, dirt biking, going to clubs, chillen with friends, and music.

My family is always there to help if needed. My dad’s cool with everything. My mom cares about me all the time. My sister, I don’t know about her, because she moved out. We go places all the time. Vacations are always fun. I go dirt biking with my dad and shooting. I chill with my sister and Ryan. We sometimes go swimming. My mom watches TV all the time; she helps me with computer stuff.

I skate all the time, go to the skate parks, and a lot of other places. It’s something to do when I’m bored. I skate with two or three other people. I usually go to Corner stone and skate there but it gets boring real easily so I wander around until I find something to do.

I like dirt biking. I go to the track a lot during the summer. I go up in the mountains sometimes. I love my bike. I have a 85YZ. My favorite place to go is Watkins and Ram Park. It is a good place to go. I like table jumps the most. I can do a wheely. I like to see how fast I can go down a straight away. I like to see how high I can get. I want to learn how to do a back flip one day and land it.

When I go to clubs, I meet a lot of people there. I also hang with friends, dance with a lot of girls, and the music there is tight. I chill with friends all the time. We go skating, biking, we will go look for more people to chill with. If there’s nothing to do, we sit around and do nothing . It’s a lot of fun. I love music. I listen to techno, trance, rap, heavy metal, and rock. My favorite techno dj is DJ Caffeine. My favorite techno song is “On the floor”. My favorite trance DJ is Dj Icey. My favorite trance song is “Escape”. My favorite heavy metal band is Rammstein. My favorite heavy metal song is “Mel tell” and “Static x”. I don’t have one for rock.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

What Matters to Ethan

There are several things in my life that I value; my family, my friends and my country. Now I will tell you about my values, and why there important to me.
My family is basically the backbone of my life; they mean the world to me. I have a loving dad named Steve, he lives on another continent and still manages to make sure that me and my sister safe. My dad always loved to quote to kill a mockingbird he always says to me and my sister “Keep your head up, and your fists down” I always think of this quote when I face trouble or when I’m confused, it reminds me to stay strong, and always stand up for what you believe in. My guardian Robert Rogers, is probably the cockiest man I have ever met, he always tells me to stay strong and keep fighting, when I’m around him it’s unacceptable to say the words “never” or “fail” he doesn’t quit at anything, he’s relentless.
Another thing I appreciate deeply is my friends. I would be nowhere without them. Whenever I’m mad or sad, my friends always manage to make me laugh. We always have the best of times, even if we do get in some trouble every now and then. My friends are basically my heroes.
The last thing I value, and also one of the most important things is my country. Without my country and my countries ideals I wouldn’t be where I am today, I respect my government and the decisions they make.
As you can obviously see, my friends, family, and country mean the world to me.

Thoughts after first graded assignment

Take some time to reflect about your first big assignment using the rubric we created as a class. Did the rubric work? Do we need to add or adjust anything on the rubric? How did you feel about your grade? Explain your answers please.

What matters to Tanner

What matters to me the most is my family and friends, I don't have a picture of them so I created one. My family supports me 100% all the way to do anything new or interesting. They are fun to be with most of the time, and I'm not quite sure what i would do without them. My mom lives here in Littleton and my dad lives on a big ranch near a small town called Strasburg. My dad raises cows, horses, chickens, pigs, and a lot of dogs. The ranch is eighty-five acres with a big pond right in the middle. We love to put salmon and some small pike in the pond every once in a while so we can go fishing at home instead of some lake. My friends matter to me because they always are fun to hang out with, and it gives me some time to get away from my parents.
Football is my favorite sport. I love to run out into the field and hit a whole bunch of people! I also love it because I'm a WR so when I get the pass I'm expected to score and it's awesome to score because then the whole crowd goes crazy! You don't get anything though for scoring a touchdown except a nice job and a pat on the back, but it's fun. Snowboarding is my favorite thing to do in the mountains because I stink at riding it but it's fun to keep trying until you have the hang of it. The activity I love to do the most in my spare time is dirt biking at my dad's ranch. I've already built a small track with big and small jumps and hope to make it bigger. I love dirt biking so much because when you get six-ten feet in the air it's exhilarating to be that high in the air. That's what matter most to me.