Thursday, September 11, 2008

What matters collage

Family/Heroes: First I will start with the third picture; This is Christopher Wallace (The Notorious B.I.G.) he's my favorite rap artist, and one of my idols. I really can connect with his music, and it's extremely poetic. My second photo (actually 3rd) is of my Grandparents. My grandpa passed away on August 26th 2006, but I still love him very much, also my grandmother is an amazing person, I don't always see her but when I do we always have great fun. The 4th picture in the collage is of my cousins Gabe and Kelsy. They mean the world to me, Kelsy recently had a baby girl and named it Sophia. Gabe is 29 and is the manager of a wine store. I am always with one of them, they are the best people to be around, me and Kelsy just sit around, but me and Gabe usually go play a game of golf. The first picture of the second row is of me and my sister; we dont always get along but when we do we have the best of times. She is a senior at Rock Canyon High School, and is extremely smart. She is looking to go to Yale or Syracuse next fall.

Sports: The third picture of the second row is a pro snowboarder. Snowboarding is my passion, every winter I go snowboarding every weekend. Its not just a sport, it's a way of life. I absolutely love it and I don't know what I would do without snowboarding, or snow. The 4th picture on the 2nd row is of a sector 9 sponsored longboard. Longboarding is also one of my passions, I do it basically every single day. I love going down big hills with my friends and power sliding. The second picture of the 3rd row is of the Spanish soccer club FCB (Futbol club Barcelona) they are my favorite soccer team. To add to that, my favorite player plays for them, his name is Ronaldhino.

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