Friday, August 29, 2008

what matters to joeyo

What matters to me is family, skating, dirt biking, going to clubs, chillen with friends, and music.

My family is always there to help if needed. My dad’s cool with everything. My mom cares about me all the time. My sister, I don’t know about her, because she moved out. We go places all the time. Vacations are always fun. I go dirt biking with my dad and shooting. I chill with my sister and Ryan. We sometimes go swimming. My mom watches TV all the time; she helps me with computer stuff.

I skate all the time, go to the skate parks, and a lot of other places. It’s something to do when I’m bored. I skate with two or three other people. I usually go to Corner stone and skate there but it gets boring real easily so I wander around until I find something to do.

I like dirt biking. I go to the track a lot during the summer. I go up in the mountains sometimes. I love my bike. I have a 85YZ. My favorite place to go is Watkins and Ram Park. It is a good place to go. I like table jumps the most. I can do a wheely. I like to see how fast I can go down a straight away. I like to see how high I can get. I want to learn how to do a back flip one day and land it.

When I go to clubs, I meet a lot of people there. I also hang with friends, dance with a lot of girls, and the music there is tight. I chill with friends all the time. We go skating, biking, we will go look for more people to chill with. If there’s nothing to do, we sit around and do nothing . It’s a lot of fun. I love music. I listen to techno, trance, rap, heavy metal, and rock. My favorite techno dj is DJ Caffeine. My favorite techno song is “On the floor”. My favorite trance DJ is Dj Icey. My favorite trance song is “Escape”. My favorite heavy metal band is Rammstein. My favorite heavy metal song is “Mel tell” and “Static x”. I don’t have one for rock.

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