Sunday, August 24, 2008

What matters to Alex

When asked what matters, a typical group of teenagers would answer in a variety of ways. Some will say friends, pets, money and cars. Others will answer with more serious answers like family, religion, America and academics. I came up with a short list of core values and priorities.

First, religion. Religion is something I think is important for everybody to have. No matter what religion that might be. Whatever god they worship, I think it is important that they worship something. Even atheists and pastafarians have reasons for what they believe in.

Also I think that the world is pretty important. Everybody you know, everybody they know, everybody they know, and even more people live on Earth. It’s a pretty important thing to me. All the cool plants and animals live on the Earth, too. The Earth is the place to be.

Academics are also really important to me. If I get an F, my parents will be very upset with me. I also think that smarter people will run an efficient government, leading to a better America for all.

I also support the military and appreciate everything that the men and women in the service do for us. I think that joining the military is a wonderful way to serve America.

Athletics is also important to me because you have to be mentally proficient and physically fit to be able to survive in today’s world. I have decided that I will never smoke or inject drugs into my body because that ruins your body in a hurry. I think that sitting on the couch all day is horrible.

Art is something that I’ve always valued because it appeals to one or more of the senses that I have come to appreciate. Music is the art I appreciate most. I like the wonderful, wide variety of music that people can create.


NickK2012 said...

Good job, I liked the word choice, I also liked how you said, that sports are good to be mentally proficient. Nice

breannas2012 said...

Alex, you did a great job! I really love how you went deeper than just friends, family, and pets. You were really descriptive which kept my attention the whole time I was reading it. I like that you stated religion but I think you could have put what you believe in. Overall you did really good job :]

NateL2012 said...

Alex! i really liked your list of things that you said are important to you because i think that all of those things are things that are important to me too. i liked when you said you think it is stupid to sit on the couch all day because i hate doing that too i cant sit still! good job alex!

EmilyK2012 said...

i like your different approach to the assignment.i like the variety of categories you put. however i think you could put a little more detail into some of the categories, like what you believe and what sport you play. make it a little more personal.