Tuesday, August 26, 2008

What matters to briannab

My family:

Here is a picture of my family infront of our new home during christmas, this last year. My brothers love to dirt bike, but what is more important to them is playing hockey. They have been playing ever since they were little. Two other people that are apart of my family is my mom and dad. They mean the world to me. My dad is a hard worker who has really good advice. My mom is the coolest person you will ever meet, and to me she is more than a mom, she is someone i can tell anything to. The picture of my parents and I was at my graduation.

My friends:
Here are two pictures of my closest friends. Kara is one of them and I have known her ever since preschool. Kara has helped me through the tough days that I have had, but most of all I know that I can always count on her. This picture of us is at our eighth grade graduation after ceremony. The other picture is of my best friend Taylor and I. We became close friends this last year, but knew each other even before that when our brothers were on the same hockey.
She is always there for me and I know that I can trust her with anything. Taylor is like a sister to me. We are always with each other. This picture of us is also at my graduation.

My pets:

Wow, talk about having a zoo at your house. Well many people have said that to us. Almost all the animals that we have, we have either found or rescued.The two dogs that you see in the pictures are my two dogs. The one with the blue eyes is Bella, and the other one is named Derby. They are brother sister and are husky lab mixes, that love to run. We have another dog named Abby. She is a black german shepherd that we found along side the highway. Abby is obsessed with my mom and Abby wont leave her side. My family has also rescued four cats. There names are Pumpkin, Fred, Jake, and Lily. They are all so sweet and loves everybodys attention. We also have two turtles that i have had forever. I have two horses. The black one is named Pepper, and I have had him since third grade. The other one I got in February and we got him so Pepper could have a friend, and his name is Mickey.
My hobbies:
Cheerleading is a big part of my life. I haven't done it for very long, but it is a joy to do. I'm on the Arapahoe cheer team. An even bigger part in my life is horseback riding. I have done it ever since I was three years old, and have loved it ever since. The picture of the black horse jumping is me and Pepper. That was two years ago. Know Pepper is hurt and that is why we moved him out to our new house on six acres. I started riding at a barn by my house and the trainer is paying for me to show some of her ponies. That is all I have been doing all summer is showing every day, but it has payed off. I rank first out of the country on one of the ponies. This is my biggest accomplishments and what matters to me the most.


mollyb2012 said...

Wow. I love how you mentioned that people call your house a zoo. Your house sounds like a lot of work. I also love how you mentioned that you rescued most of your pets. I think that is inspiring. You should be so proud of being ranked first in the country. That is amazing.

Abbyh2012 said...

Brianna, i really really liked yours and how you ride horses, i love horses but dont ride as much as i would really like to. i also liked how you said your house was like a zoo, very cool pictures as well. well good job

breannas2012 said...

Good job! Don’t you have chickens too? Haha well anyway, I really enjoyed reading what matters to you. I enjoyed it because you made the text descriptive and interesting. I didn’t know that you and Kara knew each other since preschool? That also is a very cute pitcher of you too and also the one with Taylor. You did Amazing!! :]

colleenO2011 said...

I like how close you are to your parents and i go to my dad for advice too. You wrote a lot and explained your family and what your about very well, good job:]

colleenO2011 said...
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ElizabethE2012 said...

wow great job! you need more pictures! and you need to mention more about your friends and family

calebw2012 said...

Great job on the blog it was so descriptive and interesting. It is so cool that your family has rescued four cats and most of your other animals. It is also realy cool that you like to ride horses. I like horses but have never had enough guts to ride one(there huge!) Great job on the blog and keep up the horse riding. Hey maybe one day i will get enough guts to try it out.