Wednesday, August 27, 2008

what matters to me, abby

The first image is my best friend and boyfriend josh, we have known eachother since i was in sixth grade and he was in seventh. no one really understands how much i truly care about him. He goes to columbine high school and is a sophmore.
The second image is brooke and i, brooke reed has been my best friends since the first day of middle school, we have been through everything together. she goes to arapahoe as well as me and we have grown stronger then ever.
The third image is bry and i, Bry is a great friend and i always can count on her for being there for me, i have also known her for three almost four years. she also goes to arapahoe and she has been such a great friend to me since the day i met her, we have had our ups and downs but i love her.
The fourth image is taylor lamborn, she is a great friend as well as the others. she makes me feel great about my self, she matters to me cause i can always count on her for always being there when no one was. she goes to columbine shes an amazing friend.
The fifth image is burton snowboarding. i love snowboarding. every winter me and my friends go to breck and just injoy our time snowboarding, it matters cause i can just get my mind off everything and just do what i love.
the sixth image is the beach, i was born around beaches so i love them with all my heart. Thats the one thing i love to do. sit and listen to music at the beach and just listen to the waves, it matters cause i grew up around that kind of stuff.
all though i dont have a picture of my family, they matter most, my mom, tammy and my brother dre. we fight alot but in the end i can always laugh about it with them later. i love my family because they will always be there and i love them for already being there when i need them. Dres a junoir here and he helps me around the school, i love them with all my heart, im so thankful to have every single one of these people in my life.


paiges2012 said...

I think that this blog was very descriptive,which gave me a better idea of why the things that you wrote about were important to you. I enjoyed reading this blog also because it showed how much you really care about little things in life, like beaches and snowboarding. Not many people write in detail like that, but when they do, it makes the blog more interesting to read.

BRETTG2012 said...

Your cooleage is very good.
Your boyfriend looks hood.
You could have added more pictures so i can know more about you. good job!

calebw2012 said...

Your blog was very good and descriptive i learnd a lot about what matters to you in your life. I noticed you had two dogs i have three i love dogs also. and i noticed you liked football im a huge fan and even play i find it so much fun it is a great game. Your blog was descriptive and helped me learn alot about you

calebw2012 said...
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AaronS2012 said...

Good job! Your post was very descriptive and it gives me a better idea of who you are. Just as a side note, make sure too look at your grammar and capitalization. Other than that it was great!

mollyb2012 said...

Great job. I like how honest you were about what really matters to you and described all of your best friends. By reading this, i get an impression of you having some pretty great friends. there are a few typos and spelling errors, but other then that it was very well written.