Wednesday, August 27, 2008

what matters by Colleen O

My first picture is a picture of my brother Zack(18) and I by the Mississippi River, When we went by there to see my family with my dad. Those are the two people that have always been there for me no matter what happens. I trust them with so much and when i can't make a decision myself they always help me out.

My second picture is a picture of my friend, Alena and I outside of my house after school on a weekday. We have been friends for a year and around Alena im usually really hyper and i have alot of fun with her. I'm with Alena everyday either on our off hour or lunch.

My third picture is a roller coaster because I love the thrill of roller coasters and I think there really fun.

My forth picture is of Alena, Lexie, And I. We went to the Welcome Back Dance together dressed as triple x and had a lot of fun with all of our friends there. When im with them we always think of the most fun things to do and were usually always together every weekend.

My fifth picture is Michelle, Kateri, Paige, and I. Were in the bubble, bored last year with nothing else to do. I have been friends with Michelle since fifth grade and we have been bestfriends since. Kateri, She was in my drawing class last year and I met her through Michelle. Paige, I met her throuh Kateri. We took this picture because we were all wearing slippers, i guess. haha

My sixth picture is with Rachel and I. Rachel goes to HHS and I met her because she is dating my bestfriend Sarin. This was two summers ago, by king soopers.

My seventh picture is my cousin Margie and I. We grew up together and we are three months apart. She's my second cousin(my grandmas brothers daughter) I don't see her that much been when i do we always hang out.

My eigth picture is Torie, Allie, Janelle, Genna, me and Kenzie. This was homecoming last year, it was the best dance I have ever been to in my life. We took a semi there and back and had so much fun together. Torie, We used to be bestfriends but now I dont see her anymore. Allie, we kind of drifted away. Janelle, we will always be bestfriends. Genna, is like my sister were always together and she knows everything about me. Kenzie, were still friends and we kind of hang out.

My nineth picture is Catie and I. Catie goes to Luthern and I met her through Kaytee. We hang out a lot in the summer because we live so far. We went to six flags a lot and hung out more in 7th grade.

My tenth picture is Janelle. She's my locker partner and my bestfriend.

My eleventh picture is my brother Zack when he was 5 he has a stick in his hand because they were trying to built a fort and he slipped and fell and gashed open his leg and he has a pad on it, cuz my aunt is weird.

My twelveth picture is Lex, Alena, and I. Triple x, again.

My thirteenth picture is Jamie, Genna, and I. At Genna's house. Jamie is one of my bestfriends.

My fifteenth picture is me and Genna on halloween, as construction workers.too.

My forteenth picture is my puppy samuel drinking my energy drink, he means alot to me.

My sixteenth picture, i took off the internet cuz it reminded me of vacation and i love going out of state.


Abbyh2012 said...

Colleen, i think you did a great job on this project. What you said about your friends and family is all really good. I liked how you wrote about your brothers. I wrote about dre to. anyways you did a great job on this. yeah word.

jakeL2012 said...

Nice!!!!! I really like the fact that you're really close to your family and friends, so am i. I also love roller coasters. They are one of the things in life that I love the most. I really think it would be cool to go to the mississippi river. I bet it was an amazing experience. keep up the good work.:)

ElizabethE2012 said...

wow you did great! it must of been a great experience to go to the mississippi river i would love to go there someday!