Tuesday, August 26, 2008

What Matters to Olivia

There are many things that matter to me, and I can’t put all of them on here so I only put a few that I could actually find pictures of. Things that matter are dirt bikes, pets, photography/clouds, and my family and friends.
Dirt biking:
The first picture in the far left corner along with the two pictures in the middle of the second row from the top are of me dirt biking. Dirt biking is a big part of my life. My family and I go dirt biking every summer, even if it is just for a day. This is one of the things that can keep us together because we all love doing it and like learning new things from each other. I have been riding for about 5 ½ years and I love everything about it even though I have had a pretty bad accident and so has my mom. My mom went off a jump and didn’t land right and broke her back, while I got a 3rd degree burn on my ankle and had to have surgery. We both still really love this sport. I haven’t entered in any races yet, but I might this spring because then I could race with my older brother. My family has five dirt bikes, they’re five different sizes and we have one four-wheeler. Dirt biking is the best sport in my opinion and that’s why it matters to me.
The other pictures of all the dogs are my dogs, of course. The one that is all black in the top row is Rory. In that picture he is in my room just a couple days after we adopted him. We adopted him from The Dumb Friends League and he is an Australian Kelpie mix. He is the dog that we most recently bought. The next one is the top row is Sam. In this photo he is in the driver’s seat of my family’s camper. He is a Golden Retriever that lived to be about eight or nine. He passed away in November of last year of cancer. The photo on the far left in the second row is Comet who is also a mix but we don’t know of what. We think he is a Beagle and Greyhound or Beagle and Basenji. We adopted him too, but I don’t know where because that was too long ago. He also passed away, but from old age. He lived to be 15 years old. The picture of him is when my family went camping and we were in our camper. The last dog is named Minnie. She is about five years old and she is a Miniature Dachshund. I also have 2 cats, but I didn't put any pictures of them.
Another thing I’m passionate about is photography. I love taking pictures of everything. Sometimes I’ll take pictures of the most random things and sometimes they will turn out really cool and other times they turn out kind of stupid. One thing I like to take pictures of the most is clouds. I think clouds are so beautiful and I love to just watch them, especially when I’m in the car. Other things I like to take pictures of are my friends and family, nature, and pretty much everything else.
Family and Friends:
Something else that really matters to me is my family and friends. I don’t have many pictures of my friends in this collage because if I did there would be too many pictures. I have two brothers, 2 sisters, and of course a mom and dad and I love all of them. I also have extended family that I love. I consider my brother’s best friend and my sister’s best friend family. They are both here everyday and I can tell them anything along with my other siblings. The picture with the four-wheeler in it is (from left to right) my friend Lauren, me, my mom, and my sister Amanda. The photo on the far left in the third row from the top is my brother James and my sister Amanda in James’ graduation day. The next picture in that row is my little brother William at a wedding we went to this summer. The picture after that is (from left to right) is me my “sister” Abby and Amanda. The other picture in the bottom row are my “cousins” Shay and Josh and my family and I only get to see them once a year. The next photo is my brother James again at the skate park and the last one is my oldest sister Katharine sitting on a dock. They mean the world to me along with all my other family, extended and biological. I love my friends and family so much, I just love being around them.
Out of everything in the world, the things that matter most to me are friends, family, pets, dirt biking, and clouds/photography.


EmilyK2012 said...

your dogs are so cute. i used to have a golden retriver but we had to give her away. dirtbiking sounds like an awesome family sport.

breannas2012 said...

Olivia, you did an amazing job on what matters to you! I really enjoyed reading it because it really felt like it came from you. For example, when you were talking about your love for photography. I am a photography freak and I could really tell how much it means to you. You also did a good job on describing the things that mean the most to you, instead of just saying I love dirt biking. Overall you did an amazing job! :]

BRETTG2012 said...

Thats so cool you dirt-bike, you are the only girl i ever knew that did that, thats awesome!

briannab2012 said...

Wow, i didn't know you dirt biked. My brothers both have dirt bikes and for fun I will try to ride it. You sound like your pretty good at it. Another thing is that your dog Rory looks exactly like my dog named Abby. Well good job and i really liked all the pictures.

Angel L 2012 said...

wow you wrote a ton! its so cool how much you care about people. i cant believe you a dirt bike rider that amzing! i have always wanted to do that.