Monday, August 25, 2008

What matters to Molly

What Matters To Molly

Out of every incredible and astonishing thing that I have been blessed with in my life, is the most important is my savior Jesus Christ. Without the lord, I wouldn’t have any of these remarkable creations in my life. Through him, I can do all things. That’s AMAZING!!! What I love the most about the lord is that I can make mistakes and I can stumble, but I am forgiven because he died for my sins. Jesus has been there for me through the good and the bad, and when I feel as though I cant continue this journey anymore, he carries me. There is nothing in my life that even compares to how much god matters to me.

My amazing family matters so much in my life that I couldn’t even begin to list all of the reasons. They all support me and sacrifice so much for me. My mom is an amazing strong woman. She couldn’t have a better purpose in my life, which is for me to live it for Christ. My mom wants nothing but the best for me. She cares deeply about my education, health, and future. She would do anything for me whether it is take me to dance or do my laundry. Her love and support keeps me going through any event in my life. My dad is a brave, loving hard working man. One side of him is the big bulky football player that’s strong and competitive and acts just like a little boy. He messes around, is obsessed with the latest trends and does anything he possibly can to embarrass me. The other side of him is a sensitive loving guy that gives me a huge warm bear hug and calls me his little girl. I couldn’t ask for a better dad. My sister Meghan is an average sixteen-year-old girly girl. She is my shopping buddy, watches gossip girl with me, and chatters with me hours upon hours. Meghan might be the funniest girl I know. She has a contagious giggle and a gorgeous smile. Meghan lets me know everyday that she is the older sister and knows more then I do…but I still love her. Over all my family is so incredibly amazing and is a god given gift.

My friends also matter a lot in my life. If I were asked who my best friend was, I would name at least ten different people. I enjoy company and have friends from all different groups and schools. It doesn’t matter whom I am with, I have to be having a good time. My friends and I love to make music videos and films. All of us girls get decked out in costumes and makeup and just laugh until we cant breath. As much as I love having fun with my girls, I love how much I can trust my friends. It's an amazing feeling being able to let out everything to someone and have him or her not judge you. If my friends were not in my life then I wouldn’t even compare to the person I am today.

Another thing that matters to me are my pets. They are characters. I have a three-year-old 120 pound Labrador named Winston. Winston is just a little baby. He lives by three guidelines; sleep, eat, and sleep. Winston thinks he is a tiny mouse but on the outside he’s a massive black lab. So to fit his attitude, we refer him to Winnie. Another animal we have in our household is the little whiny kitten, Lola. Lola thinks she is a diva. She is about four months old and is treated like a princess. She belongs to my sister. Lola can get anything she wants because all she does is cry. But, she is also one of the cutest things I have ever seen. Also, our family is lucky enough for our Chinese Sharpe, Blue, to let us live with him. Blue is the king of the world and he lets everyone know it. Blue is always right and is the best creature to have ever walked the planet. We are all servants to Blue and should feel extremely honored to be in his presence. Like I said, Blue is the king of the world. My parents gave me the most precious kitten in he entire world when I was in fourth grade. He was a little tabby cat. I named him legolas, but I just called him kitty. Legolas was the ruthless killer in the household and would bring us lovely presents such as dead mice, birds, and even a squirrel. Legolas weighed about 15 pounds and was a happy fat cat. Unfortunately legolas ran away a week ago and hasn’t returned since. He was an amazing character in my life and mattered so much to me.

In my life, dance matters very much. Honestly, I probably couldn’t live without it. The feeling of performing on stage for an audience is the biggest adrenaline rush and the most incredible experience. But, I don’t dance just to display my hard work and talent; I dance because I love it. Dance is when I can express myself. It’s my therapy. I enjoy every style of dance, but my favorite is hip-hop. I love breaking, locking, popping, R&B styles, jazz, and lyrical. I love dance so much that the studio is my second home and I am there at least 14 hours a week. Dance will always matter in my life.


briannab2012 said...

Hey Molly,
I really loved reading everything that matters to you. Your dogs are so cute and your black lab reminds me of my yellow lab mix. I feel the same way about how you believe in Jesus Christ. I am so glad that I read yours.

MitchellB2012 said...

Molly, everything you said, was descriptive and thoughtful. You explained every aspect to your life. Even thought I hate pets with a fiery passion you mad me really want to play with yours. Your life seems like a party all the time.

EmilyK2012 said...

i loved how descriptive you sound like such a fun girl. i also like to dance. i mostly learn swing from my brother but i would like to learn jazz.

mitchell2012 said...

Exclent job on your blog, I really enjoyed reading it. I could tell what has meaning to you and how much it has. For example your family. They always play an important role in your life, and you so close to your sister is great. I wish I could have been the same way with mine. Overall, I think you wrote an outstanding blog.

ruthl2012 said...

Thats cool how you love dance and that it is a big part of your life.I can tell that God matters to you and thats cool.Your dogs are so cute.