Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Chase's What Matters

A lot of things matter to me. But what matters to me most are friends, my parents, my grandparents, my brothers and cousins, and just my family in general.
My friends matter to me because they are awesome and they have always been there for me. I don't know what else to say but that. They never give up on me even if i get mad at them or something like that, they don't care, they will just keep on being my friend. My good friends will text me or call me just to talk and don't want anything from it. And just so you know, most of the people who text me just to talk are girls. But still, having friends that just want to talk and be there for you is awesome. It really matters to me and is important to me to have great friends.
My parents matter to me because they have been there for me even more than my friends have. We may have our differences and argue sometimes but they still come through and help me out when I need their help. They really do a lot for me too. If it wasn't for them, I probably wouldn't have much money at all to buy lunch or anything with. They do a lot for me because they really care for me. It's really great to have parents that care so much. Although sometimes they care a little too much, good and loving parents are very important to me.
My grandparents matter to me because they love me and my brothers a lot. They don't have much time left so they just be the best people they can be. They also changed the course of the family. They used to drink and smoke back when my dad was born, but they stopped for the sake of the family. Any grandparent that would make sure that their family was a good one by stopping there own habits have to be great ones. They are good grandparents which really matters to me.
My brothers and cousins matter to me because all of them are really cool and I respect them a lot. They are mid and early twenties so they are fun to hang out with and fun to be around. My brothers have always been awesome and we still pick on each other from time to time even though we all live in different states. And no matter how long we don't see eachother, when we do see eachother, it's like we saw eachother the other day. My cousins are great because when my brothers are away, they are pretty much like my big brothers. I couldn't ask for cooler cousins and brothers. They are all pretty much just like big kids inside which makes them some of the best cousins and brothers ever.
And finally, my entire family matters to me. We all know each other and are all there for each other. We help eachother understand things and fix things in our lives. It's great to have the whole family together because we all just have a great time together. We will laugh together, cry together, and just be a family together. And that, to me, is one of the best things about family. That the family can just be a family and act like a family. Family is one of the most important things to me. And those are just some of the things that really matter to me.


anthonyf2012 said...

Dear chase, i thought you paragraph about family and friends was good. I thought you could have wrote about more things that matter to you, but your family and friends paragraph was good.Your family and friends must me a lot to you. Your picuresu and your family and friends of you were really good. Thats really cool that you grandparents stopped drinking and smoking. You family bond is really strong and that is good for a teenager growing up.

NateL2012 said...

Chase- i think you have a great family and it is clear to me why they are what matters to you... i wish i had a brother! i think you did a really good job showing how much your brothers and cousins matter to you. iI think it is great that you have a family and friends that will always be there for you.

ElizabethE2012 said...

chase, you did great! but you should of mention more of your family but other than that it was great!

calebw2012 said...

Chase, your blog about your famliy was great you did realy good i can see how important your family is to you. My family is also very important to me good job on your blog and keep it up.