Tuesday, August 26, 2008

What matters to Maureen

The picture of me with three other girls is means a lot to me personally. It was taken while we we’re bowling on one of our last nights together before we started high school. Two of the girls in this picture went to Littleton instead of Arapahoe, and that was something hard for everybody in our little group, splitting up. This picture is good to look back on because it reminds me of all the fun and crazy things we’ve done together. It also makes me hopeful that we can still be good friends and see each other as often as possible, and try to avoid falling out.

This next black and white picture is my favorite picture ever. It’s the picture of our whole group. I love how in this picture we all look genuinely happy, nobody is posing for it or anything, we are all just laughing and having a good time. The best times we had together were always the times when it was everyone. It was always crazy fun when it was everyone because you could always find something fun to do with somebody. You just jump from one person to the next. I loved how we all got along. I was always happy that everyone was going, and never bummed that “so-and-so” was going to be there. We all just seemed to click perfectly.

This picture is from 8th grade continuation. It’s in the college because 8th grade was one of the most memorable years I have had so far. I think it was the year that everybody started defining who they are today. We all really showed ourselves to the world more then we had been the past two years together. This is also the year when our group of friends really formed and stuck together. We have done so many things together, and have so many amazing memories from this year, things that I could never forget. Without these kids that year would have meant no where near anything that it means to me now.

This here is my dog. I am a major animal lover and I’m more then grateful to have my dog. My parents never wanted any pets at all so I put in an awful big effort begging them for one. As you can see it all paid off. I can still clearly remember the day we picked her out at the Denver dumb friends league. She was the first dog we even looked at. It was on the last day of school just before Spring break when I was in 5th grade. From that day on, she went by Krypto.

These three pictures are of me with my three best friends. I wanted to show each of them in more of an individual way instead of together in a big group because these are closest friends. Kellie, Carina, and Michelle are their names. They are the kind of friends that I can go to with any problem and know that they will help me fix it, or at least try their very hardest. I trust all of them so much. Not only are they always there for me when I need a talking buddy, but they all know how to have a good time. Whenever I’m bored they’re the first ones I call up to see what’s going on. I have been friends with Carina and Michelle the longest and Kellie and I started our friendship in 7th grade. But over the years each of our friendship with one another has grown incredibly. So no, I couldn’t pick just one best friend out of these. I need all three.

This picture is of me with a horse named Regal. I love to ride horses. I started riding when I was in 5th grade in a group called Westernaires. There, I learned the basics of riding and really began to develop my love for it. I love everything about it, the movement, the speed, and especially the way it looks to someone who isn’t riding. To me it is such a great way for the horse and rider to connect. It But it’s not just riding that’s important to me. I just love being around horses, even grooming them I find enjoyable.

This is my lacrosse team. I started playing lacrosse in 6th grade and immediately fell in love with it. It really helps you get your anger and stress out. Also I love how it has different skills needed to play, it’s not just like like wrestling, were the main thing needed to be successful is to have good physical strength. While in lacrosse, you get to use every skill you have in it. You run, use your mind to decide how to get away from apponites, good judgment, you need to handle your lacrosse stick well, and communicate well with others. But this team is what really means the most to me. I have been on the same team with most of these girls since 7th grade, so we have learned to work so well with each other. We know all of each others strengths and weaknesses and we know who will be best to pass to in certain situations during a game. Lacrosse is something we all have in common, and it is what brought our team so close.


NateL2012 said...

Maureen! your blog was very interesting to read because its obvious that your friends are very important to you in your life. you and tour friends have clearly had lots of good times together! its also clear that your pets and other animals are something important to you. i think you did a good job writing about the things that are important to you.

ruthl2012 said...

I liked how you talked about each picture in your collage.Also its cool how its about your friends.

alexw2012 said...

The westernaires are really cool! Did you get to be in the western welcome week parade? I was in it for marching band. I was sad it rained. Thanks.

briannab2012 said...

When you wrote about the picture of you and your two friends bolling right before high, it made me remember all my friends in middle school. I also am an animal lover and it is cool to see that you got your dog at the same place I got one of my old dogs. Another thing is that you rode and did the westernaires. I ride english but I think it would be so cool to try to ride western. You did a really good job on everything,esspecially the great wording.

mitchell2012 said...

Impressive job on your blog I enjoyed reading it. While reading I could tell how close your friends are to you and how much they mean to you. I think that have a great group of friends is so important in life, and it seems like you have got that.

EthanR2012 said...

This was a great essay. It's really cool that your so close with your friends, and I can tell you're very popular.

reagang2012 said...


i loved everything abot your project your collage and your writing i love it all and i like it that you and your freinds are so close.

awesome job :)