Monday, August 25, 2008

What Matters to Me, by Mitchel L

The first picture on this collage is my Great Grandmother Lincoln. She is an amazing woman, the last time I saw her was two years ago when this picture was taken, on her 90th birthday. On that great day Great Grandmother Lincoln drove herself to her own birthday party. We celebrated at the local church where she visited with family and friends all day. After the party we went back to the family farm where she proceeded to be the life of the party all night long.
This is a picture of the Lincoln Family Farm located in Grinnell, Iowa. This is where the Lincoln Family started and built their home in the 1800’s. The farm is hugh and is still farmed today. Back in the 1800’s the farm was bought for 8 cents an acre. Today people are offering to purchase the land for over 4million dollars.

My brother Blayne is the quiet one of the family. Just the other day he came to pick me up from school and someone called him mini Mitch. He thought that was great. Even though he won’t admit it, I still believe that he looks up to me.
This picture is of my dad and my cousin Quenten. Quenten is the wild one of the family. He is the funniest child I have ever met in my life, but can also be a handful. Just recently he turned four and acts like he is about fourteen. He is also very intellegent.
The next picture is of my great Uncle Greg. He is one of my favorite uncles. He is funny and enjoyable to be around. He currently lives on the family farm and takes care of it. They farm pigs, cattle and corn. Last time I was at the farm he taught me to drive the tractors. Also, while I was there Uncle Greg and I went fishing on one of the family ponds.


MitchellB2012 said...

Is that all that matters to you???
It seems like your family is very fun. Everything you explained about them was in great detail. After reading it, it seems like I have known them my whole life.

jakeL2012 said...

You have a really cool family They seem like they have a lot of fun and thats the family for me too. I really like the fact that you care about your great grand mother. That shows of a lot respect. You seem really close to your brother, are you? I wish I could see more about you though. Really nice job though.

AaronS2012 said...

That is awesome that you like your family so much. I wish I had as good of a relationship with my family as you do with yours. As for the actual writing part of it, good job! There was hardly any mistakes!

MaureenI2012 said...

Awesome job. You obviously are very close with your family and i think that it is important to have good realations with people so close to you.

tannerc2012 said...

Nice job mitch, your family seems very important to you, when I read your what matters most it seemed that I already knew your family, you used a lot of detail. Your family seems very fun. I wish I could read more about you though, but awesome job!