Monday, August 25, 2008

What Matters To Elizabeth

This is my collage that I made in dedication of What Matters to Me. Some things that matter to me are my pets, my family, my friends, soccer, and vehicles.
My Pets:
My pets are something I could never live without. Sadly in 2007 two of my dogs passed away. But I got 2 new puppies to keep me busy. Sasha and Annie passed away because of cancer and old age. Guinness is my puppy who is a year and a half old he is an Australian cattle dog and a joy. Toby is my step sister’s dog and is a maltipoo and also is a year and a half old, he is very cute, but I don’t like little dogs. Shelby is our 7 year old Rottweiler mix and is our only girl left. Elway John is my tabby cat and is very athletic and is so adorable.
My Family:
My parents are divorced. I have my mom, Cheryl, I love her so much and she always tries to make my life filled with joy. she tries not to let me down and she is just so amazing,she is so hard to describe. I have my dad, Robb, who always liks to see me smile. He is the one who taught me soccer. I have my step mom, Sally; she is also very funny and makes me laugh. I have a big family; I have 3 siblings, Amanda, my 24 year old sister. She means the world to and she is just one of those sisters who understand me. Luke, my 22 year old brother is the one who drives me to do better in soccer and in school; he is hard core and tough. Daniel, my 20 year old brother. Is the total opposite he is a huge softy. He is the funniest boy you'll ever meet. He does impersonations really well of, Sean Connery, and Quagmeyer and Cleveland from Family Guy. I also have my step sister, Kelsie who is 13. We have our differences but we can get along sometimes, but that is what sisters are supposed to do.
My Friends:
My friends mean the world to me. I have Karmen, Derek, Casey, Hannah, and Angel. They are my true best friends. Karmen is like a sister to me and I will never forget her. Derek is so funny he is like I don’t know family and always loves to make me laugh. Casey and Hannah just are 2 amazing friends that never let me down. Angel on the other hand has been with me through everything and always never stops making me laugh and being the best friend in the world I could ask for. Whoooo! Go friends!
My Sports:
There is only one sport for me and that is soccer. I have been playing since I was 4 and learning everything I know since. I used to be the top goal scorer on my team but now I am the top saver. I have been playing keeper for almost 6 years and I never get tired of it. I play for Colorado United B team. My teammates are also very amazing! Soccer is my life. I also love snowboarding i go at least 4 times a season. Another passion I have is Hip Hop dancing. Hip Hop dancing is just so much fun. It gets all my energy out.
Cars and Motorcycles:
Cars and motorcycles are amazing things. I have grown up with both and been riding on a motorcycle since I was 5. I can’t get a motorcycle till I am 18, but still it’s worth waiting. I have always been fascinated by cars and I can almost name every car I see. Since my big sister was never around my brothers made me help them with fixing their cars and bikes. When I grow up I want a Porsche 911 and a 2007 Kawasaki ninja.


ruthl2012 said...

I had a cattle dog his name was munchy. I like the pictures of your dogs in the collage.

OliviaB2012 said...

The same thing happened to 2 of my fogs, one died of cancer and the other of old age. I love how many pictures you have and how you wrote about cars and motorcycles.

mollyb2012 said...

I like your paragraph about sports. when i was on your team, you really were an amazing savor. I also think its cool that you do hip-hop. so do I!! and i completely agree with how it lets you let out your emotions. Great job!

Angel L 2012 said...

liz i love how much detial you put into your writing and how much you care about poeple.

Lena R 2012 said...

Wow, Liz, you did really good. I think it's cool that you do soccor and hiphop. The detail you put into this was really good.

KalvinP2012 said...

I think its awesome that you love your pets and sports, because pets are very important and i'm sorry to hear about your dog.good job.