Tuesday, August 26, 2008

What Matters to Mitchell B

He watches over me when I’m asleep, and He tries to guide me in the right path. I try my best to follow, but I always try to take shortcuts. I wish I could do better than I have. But with all of the detractions in the world it’s just getting harder. We all need to do better in following the way of Jesus Christ. Christianity has always been the most important thing in my life. I have been following Jesus Christ since I was born, and I go to Grace Chapel. Without God in my life, I don’t think I could do anything. He is my love, my hope, my dreams, and my cause.

There are the ones who put me to bed at night, the ones who are at every game and every show. They wave me goodbye and welcome me home. They help me and teach me, but most of all they love me; my family. I have two brothers and one sister. Mason is twelve and we are the most competitive brothers ever. He plays AA hockey for the Littleton Hawks. Carter is ten and he is the most innocent little kid. He also plays A hockey for the Littleton Hawks. My little sister, Chelsea is seven; she can really stand up for herself. We toughen her up and make her work for everything.

These are the people who go with me everywhere and support me with whatever I do, no matter what. They pick me up when I’m down, and laugh at jokes that aren’t funny. They are my teammates, my classmates, but most of all, my friends. You can’t do anything without friends whether it is sports or school. I can never go a day without talking to any of them. Coming from a small school, Arapahoe gives me the opportunity to have so many more friends.

You have to work for every ounce of gratification, every ounce of playing time, and every ounce of recognition. Sports: they mean the world to me. They’re what get me up in the morning and what I’m waiting for every day. They matter to me because, without sports in my life I would be a nobody. It helps me with discipline, respect, and self confidence. It will keep me in shape, and out of trouble.

Music is everywhere. It is in the halls and in my house. Music keeps people entertained at all times. Without music the world would be boring and dull. I have been playing guitar for four years now and I can’t go a day without picking it up and playing. I also play piano, drums, and bass guitar. I play in two bands; my church worship band, my own band with some of my best friends. We have practice every Sunday, and we play shows all over Colorado. The only reason it matters to me is because I love to entertain people, and with music it helps me do that.


EmilyK2012 said...

I love what you said about your faith. i feel the same way, without my savior i don't know what i would do. i love my family as well and are so grateful to them but i identify more with your little sister because i also have three older brothers. lastly i like what you wrote about in your third paragraph i also used to go to a small school.

BRETTG2012 said...

Mitchell, Those are some pretty sick pictures. Looks like you have alot of talent, i wish i could climb trees.

MaureenI2012 said...

Mitchell- You did a great job of explaining what really means a lot to you. I think it was courages of you to explain how much Jesus means to you (In a good way of course =]) And you showed a lot of effort towards this project.
Well done =]

mollyb2012 said...

Amazing job. I like how you took a different approach to this project and showed a lot of effort. Your first paragraph was extremely well written and honest. over all, great job!

mitchell2012 said...

Hey Mitch amazing job on everything. You described every part of every picture in such detail it made me feel as if I had actually known you for such a long time. I think that you so close to your savior is outstanding, I try to be just as close to my savior but just having read what you wrote makes me feel that I have a long way to go if ever to catch up to you.

Angel L 2012 said...

i love how much thought you put into your writing. i think its amazing how much faith you have in your writing. i think it will help others to not be afriad to stand up for what they belive in. it was really amazing

tannerc2012 said...

Hey mitch I like your opening first paragraph and I feel the same way, it was honest and true I respect that. I think it's cool how you play the guitar in two bands, you must work hard to do that, I wish I could play the guitar as good as you.
Awesome job mitch