Tuesday, August 12, 2008

This is NOT Education as Usual

What does it mean to be a producer of information versus a consumer of information?

What are the qualities of good teachers? of good students? of a good class?

Think about your answers before you post them. Make sure to proofread your response. Also, make sure to come back and comment upon one another's comments. Do you agree or disagree with what they are saying?


Chaseo2012 said...

A producer of information tells people the information because they may already know the information. A consumer of information takes in the information and processes it so they can better understand it.
Also, what i think are the good qualities of teachers is they can't be boring. They have to be exciting but also able to get the job done. The qualities of good students is that they just listen and learn but are also able to have a good time in class. Also, for both teachers and students, they must be organized. The qualities of a good class is that they work together and have a good time and never put eachother down.

EthanR2012 said...

a producer of information is similiar to a news reporter, he tells the viewers the information they need to know, and the viewers consume the information, and often tell other people, it is like one big process.

Abbyh2012 said...

a producer of information is something that tells people the information that they need to know. The consumer of the information learns from what the producer has said.

colleenO2011 said...

a producer gives off information to someone else. a consumer consumes other information from someone or something else.

Good teachers know how to take a joke instead of being all boring,

Good students do their work and dont disrespect the teacher,

Good classes obey the teacher and respect everyone else.

jakeL2012 said...

To me I believe that a producer of new information is teaching the world something new. But, consuming information is learning something new. I think that the consumer learns that new materal and tries to make it better understanded.
I believe that the best quality of a teacher is to make the students think really hard about things they dont normally think about.The best qualities of a student are that he or she needs to stay fucusd during the class period. They also need to give their mamimum effort.

anthonyf2012 said...

A producer of information tells other people about information. A consumer takes in what the producer is saying.
To have good class you have to have good qualities in the teacher, the students, and the entire class.
Some good qualities in a teacher could include: understanding teachers, teachers that can make a lesson fun, and teachers that try to change the world by going out of their way and do something different.
Good qualities in students would be: respectful students, positive that keep the class a good learning environment, and organized students that give it their all.
Good qualities for a good class would be: organization, positive learning environment, respectful students and teachers, have students that work well together, and build chemistry with fellow students over the course of the year.
These are only some ideas of good qualities in students, teacher, and the overall class.

ElizabethE2012 said...

A producer of information gives or produces information. A consumer of information takes in or consumes information.

Qualities of a good teacher are not yelling, being kind, knows some discipline when necessary, and funny!

Qualities of a good student are being responsible, not disturbing, funny, and just being them.

Qualities of a good class are being seated when the bell rings, being quiet when necessary, have laughs once in a while, on task, and working well with others.

NickK2012 said...

A producer of the info, is the person that comes up with the info, and the consumer is the one, that takes it in. Some good qualities that I like in a teacher, are that they have to be funny but know when to be serious, and one that keeps the pace of class up, because nobody likes to sit for an hour completly bored. Good qualities in students, is someone who wants to be there to learn and have fun, thats why you need to have a fun teacher, to make the learning experience as exciting as it can possibly be. The qualities of a good class, is everyone ready to learn and when everyone is engaged in what they are doing at all times.

FinlayB2012 said...

The difference between a producer of information and a consumer of information is a producer of information is telling information, and they are telling it to the consumers who learn it and then often become producers of information to other people.
What i think the good qualities of teachers are they like to have fun but still teach and get the job done. Good qualities for students are they are respectful and get their work done. Good qualities for a class are they get their work done and be able to work together and create a positive learning environment.

mollyb2012 said...

A producer of information takes their knowledge and understanding on a topic and shares their logic to others. They share their own understanding, which they created, therefore what they produced. A consumer of information engrosses knowledge shared by others and stores it so that it can become beneficial.
Good quality teachers should have enthusiasm about what they are teaching, fare, meaning that they don’t assign homework just for students to have work, and trustworthy. As a student I have to trust that the knowledge that is being shared is true and beneficial.
Good quality students do there work, try their hardest, and respect their teacher and other classmates.
The qualities of a good class are respect, cooperation, and enthusiasm.

BRETTG2012 said...

A producer, like a teacher, teaches information to others, while consumers, like students learn the information given and puts it to good use.

MitchellB2012 said...
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MitchellB2012 said...

1.) To be a good producer of information you need to. One, have knowledge of the subject that your are producing and, two, you need to be able to know how your consumers learn. To be a good consumer of knowledge, you need to have the desire to learn about the topic. You also have to be able to understand what the producer is teaching about.

2.) The qualities of a good teacher are, one they have to be passionate about their subject. Two they must be able to interact with the student in a hands-on way. And three they have to be able to make the class challenging enough that the students must try in able to achieve an A. The qualities of a good student are that they must be willing to learn. They should also enjoy their class, teacher, and they way that the class is taught. To a have successful class with high school student it must use a variety of leaning techniques, because all students learn in different ways. They are the eight multiple intelligences
1. Musical
2. Interpersonal
3. Spatial
4. Social
5. Bodily
6. Intrapersonal
7. Linguistic
8. Logical
9. Naturalist
If the teacher can incorporate a multitude of these eight ways people learn they it will most often have a successful class.

MaureenI2012 said...

What does it mean to be a producer of information versus a consumer of information?

I think that if you are a producer of information that shows that you have already gone threw the learning process of that subject, since you are now producing the information. Or maybe you have invented or discovered something and you are the only reliable producer of information for that subject. While if you are a consumer of information, I think that says that either you are still working hard and learning about subjects you aren’t familiar with, or maybe you aren’t working hard enough, and not doing work on your own.

What are the qualities of good teachers? of good students? of a good class?

It takes a lot of different things to make a good learning environment. You need to have a good teacher for starters. In a teacher you want someone who is nice and has a good sense of humor, to make learning something boring a whole lot more fun which will make it easier. Your teacher also always needs to know the material they are teaching very well, or there is no way for you to learn it. Good students are also a big part of having a good learning environment. You want to have students you feel comfortable to ask questions around, in case you aren’t understanding something. One of the most important things is that you have a welcoming classroom. It always makes the class more enjoyable if it itself looks cheery. If you put all these quality’s together I think you’ll find a good learning environment to work with.

Lena R 2012 said...

A producer of information is like an instructor. They are the people who tell the information; like teachers, or tutors. They already know the information, so the teach it to those don‘t. A consumer if information is like a student. They need to learn the information from the producer.

I would say that the qualities of a good teacher has is that he/she teaches all the material that students need to learn and will help us later in life; even little things that are just helpful to know. Another good thing would be that when the teacher thinks the class doesn’t understand he/she will re-teach it in a different way. Or when a student asks the teacher will not deny it. The teacher should be passionate about her job and connect with her students. He/she should not judge the students, but treat them as equals.

The qualities of a good student are that they behave and do what they are expected to do. They turn in their homework on time and completed. Students put time and effort in their work, and take pride in it. If a student messes up, or needs extra help, they should go to the teachers for help on their own time. A good quality in a student would be that the student listens/pays attention to the lesson and follows directions. They don’t miss class if the don’t have to and they do their make-up work. Also, they follow all the rules.

A good quality class would be made up of both the students and the teacher. The class would be interesting and knowledgeable. The class students would pay attention and ask questions when they don’t understand. Everyone will have respect, corporation and enthusiasm. The teacher will work with the students as they learn the lesson.

alexw2012 said...

I think a consumer of information consumes information until they have enough information and start to be a producer of information, I think it is important to be both a producer and a consumer of information. If a person only produces information they are lying all the time because something has to produce information before them.

I think a good teacher can teach a class and not have to be serious all the time. Good teachers can manage their time wisely and get every thing taught that needed to be taught without being strict or mean. A good teacher can make students want to learn, to a certain extent. However, the best teacher in the world can’t teach a bad student. Good students come to the class prepared to learn. They know what is expected of them and always have a good attitude.

I was confused on the definition of class. If the question refers to a class as a course (i.e. Geography, English) then the class must offer enough information as to be educational and be enough fun for the students to like the class. If the question refers to a class as interaction between students, other students and the teacher then a class must have a majority of attentive students and a teacher that will stick the information in their minds.

NateL2012 said...

A producer of information is someone who comes up with new ideas or techniques and tells people about it. A consumer of information is someone that finds out about the producers ideas and uses them.
I think a good quality in a teacher is to be able relate to students and to understand the students so the teacher knows what the students want and need. I think a good quality in a student is to always go above the standards and always try to do the best that student can. i think a good student also needs to organized and always turn things in on time. I think a good class is a class that likes each other , helps each other and works together and respects the teacher.

AaronS2012 said...

In my mind, a producer of information is probably what a teacher is. The teacher produces information that they learned to teach to students. A consumer of information in my mind is what a student is. Students take what they learned and “consume” it by remembering what they learned and applying it to their assignments and work.

Some good qualities for teachers would be to know what they are teaching, to be patient, and to be willing to help other students if they have questions. Some good qualities of students are having a good attitude, to pay attention, to ask questions, and to complete assignments. A good quality of a classroom is to have a good learning environment so that the students can learn the material and the teacher can teach the material.

briannab2012 said...

I think that being a producer in information is telling other people about information that can be helpful in our world. A consumer in information is taking in the information that other people told ypu. The greatest quality a teacher can have is always teaching us and helping us when we are confused.A good quality that students need to have is always trying their hardest on everything they do. The best quality a class can have is always staying focused and trying to accomlish our goals.

reagang2012 said...
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reagang2012 said...

A producer of information is someone who is always coming up with new ideas for .... everything and teaching others about the new and improved ideas for the future or to make the present more enjoyable. A consumer of informatoin is some one who the producer would tell the informationand to to inform them of a new discovery or idea.

Good qualities in a teacher include being a teacher but also being a good listener as well to understand where the student is coming from another is the teacher has to be easily approachable for student who are having trouble or just a busy day they have to be very undersstanding.Some good qualities in a studnent are has good participation and is very involved in class disscusions and activities. Good qualities in a class are even if you are having trouble with a or some students you need to leve that behing and become a hard working class together ans also if the class keeps thininteresting and fun it makes it go much faster.

paiges2012 said...

There could be many different qualities that a student could say that a teacher should have. Some could say minimum homework. Others could say easy tests, but if that’s what teachers did, then nobody would learn anything.

I think that good qualities in a teacher can vary on the teacher, but there are a few that every teacher should have. First off, I think that teachers should be able to interact with the students instead of just standing in the front talking the whole class while the students take notes. That can make the class boring and not a favored class. If the teacher interacts with the students then the students will be more likely to participate and be interested in the class, which could lead to better grades overall.

Teachers shouldn’t play favorites with the ones that do better or are friendlier in the class. I don’t think that its fair for one student not to do as well as an equal student because the teacher prefers the equal student. It also isn’t fair if a teacher lets one student off the hook for one thing, and when another student does the same thing, that they have to pay the consequences. The constitution says that all people should be treated equal and that would not be equal in class when a teacher chooses to play favorites.

Teachers should always start the class fresh. Even if they had a rough class before, they should start the new class fresh and ready to teach like nothing had happened. When a teacher is in a bad mood, it makes the class in a bad mood, and then the class doesn’t go very well and people get frustrated and angry.

Teachers should love teaching and it should be well shown. If a teacher has taught the same class four times, they should still have the same enthusiasm as they had when they taught the class the first time. If a student can tell that the teacher doesn’t want to teach, then the student doesn’t want to learn and grades are affected. Teachers should be just as enthusiastic so that the students stay enthusiastic. When this occurs, grades are better.
If the teacher has these qualities, then the learning environment will be a better place to learn and it will be more excited for students so they will be motivated to excel and do better in school.

Students have their idea of a perfect teacher , as well as teachers have the idea of a great student. To teachers, a great student is one who comes to class prepared, who participates in class discussions, who do well on their homework, and who truly put an effort towards trying to learn.

As well as teachers with special qualities, students can have qualities that make them a better student as well. A whole class can change by the attitude of one student. If one student comes into class thinking that they aren’t going to like it, then they probably won’t, and that can cause the rest of the students to not enjoy the class. The student has to come into the class thinking that they are going to have fun. That will make the class fun not only for them but for the students around them. One person can change the classes’ outcome.

The student needs to be willing to participate in class discussion and activities. If a student chooses to sit at the back of the class and not engage or doodle in their notebook, it can affect their grades. It is a students fault if they choose not to pay attention to important things or to take notes in class. That is their choice.

Some students just don’t care what grade they get, or how well they do in the class. Those are the students who are often tardy, don’t come prepared, don’t write down homework, therefore they don’t have it done. Those are the kids who will regret not caring later in life, and wished that they had put an effort in high school.

Students need to take responsibility to get the in the best learning situation that they can. This could mean sitting close to the front so you can see, or not sitting by your friends so you can pay attention to the teacher. Whatever the reason may be, it is the student’s responsibility to take care of it, not the teachers. When students choose not to do this is when there grades start to slip, or they get into bad habits of forgetting assignments. When student to take the initiative to sit where they can get the most out of what is being taught, then you can see grades affected greatly.

If you want to be a great student and succeed in high school, then you need to take good detailed notes, come prepared to class, participate in class discussions, and put an effort towards trying to get a good grade in the class. You need to take initiative and responsibility and make an effort to show your teachers that you are really trying and are not slacking off or being lazy. Teachers will notice when a student is really putting an effort forth to get a good grade.

In general, a class needs special qualities to make the class go well and for everyone to enjoy it. The students need to get to know their teachers as well as teachers getting to know their students. There is no class relationship if there is no interaction within the teachers and the students. Connections between the student and the teacher are essential. If the student walks in, and the teacher doesn’t know who they are because they have 100 other students, it deadens the class. Class is made fun when students and teachers can laugh and have good discussions in class and make it fun. If that cant happen in a class, then the class becomes boring and nobody enjoys it, but if it can, the class becomes more enjoyable and it becomes a favored class.
The teacher’s and the student’s all have their part in making the class a good one. If everyone does there part in every class, then school will be fun and people will look forward to coming back the next day excited and ready to learn. All we have to do is do our part.

There are many qualities that can make a class run smoothly and for it to be an enjoyable class. All we have to do is walk in there with a good attitude, and take responsibility for everything we need to do, and the rest will fall in place.
I think that the difference between a producer of information and a consumer of information is very simple. A producer of information finds and shares information while a consumer of information is one that takes in the information that the producer is sharing.
A producer of information is someone that does all the work and puts in the effort to do their best and learn all they can about whatever they are researching. This is a great quality in a student.
A consumer of information is someone that takes in what the producer is saying, without actually doing the work themselves. As a student this could be considered cheating. This quality is not a great one as a student because it shows lazyness and lack of effort.

EthanR2012 said...

-I think a good student knows what to do in class. He/She stays on task and ALWAYS follows directions.

-I think good teachers always have to be understanding, and always have to have a good sense of humor.

-I think a good class needs to have the essentials; good lighting, proper materials, and a fun learning enviornment.

BRETTG2012 said...

The good qualities of a teacher is were they understand were and how you have having trouble.They also must be patient. Also they should make sure that everyone undestands 100%. I think it helps alot if they like to have fun.

Good qualities of a student is they are mature, patient, respeonsible to get work done, and hard working.

Good qualitles of a class is were are responsible and know how to communicate with each other. It is also important that they respect each other and listen.

OliviaB2012 said...

A producer of information is someone who tells or teaches other people about what they already know. A consumer of information takes in information from the producer so they can learn. Qualities of good teachers would be a fun teacher, someone who doesn't do the same thing as other teachers and is different but in a good way. The teacher has to be able to understand what students are going through so they can connect with their students. Another good quality for a teacher would be that they have to have a sense of humour and aren't serious all the time.
A good student would be polite, turns homework in on time and it is done well, they pay attention in class, and don't blurt things out in class especially when other people are talking.
A good class would have the qualities of being able to work as a class and not just as individuals, and they work well together and don't fight with one another there are only debates.

calebw2012 said...

When you are a producer of information you give other people information. When you are a consumer of information you get information from other people. The qualities of good teachers are funny,nice,thy can relate to students and they are trustworthy. Good qualities of students are making a good effort being responsible and paying atention in class. Good qualities of classes are welcoming classes and classes that you lern alot from.

breannas2012 said...

The difference between a consumer of information and a producer of information is that a producer provides the information for the consumer so that he or she understands.
For a teacher to be good he or she has to make the class more exciting. A teacher makes a class boring by doing the same thing every day and not mixing things up. Also he or she needs to explain a project or homework assignment. I HATE when a teacher gives the class a worksheet then says you have a test over it the next day but doesn’t even explain what you’re doing. The teacher needs to be able to have fun with us, but can also be serious.
Qualities to make a good student would be for he or she to pay attention, and not disrupt the class. A good student would always be willing to help another student. They shouldn’t over talk when it’s not needed. Also they need to participate and be willing to learn. They are also respectful of teachers and other students.
The qualities that make a good class are for us to respect each other. We need to listen when someone else is talking. We shouldn’t disrupt someone when he or she is still doing their work, or it’s not fair to them. We need to stay focused, and work hard as a whole.

EmilyK2012 said...

A producer of information is somebody gives out infromation or informs others . They tell others about new technology new ideas. Producers of information teach thoes around them from what they know. On the contrary consumers of information are the learners. They listen and learn the information then apply it to their lives.
A good student is somebody who has good study skills, someone who is committed to learning. A good student constantly questions and thentakes what he learns and applies it outside of school.
A good teacher is one who loves the subject they teach and they take time to understand each students different learning methods so they can help them learn and understand more.
A good class is unique in its own way and it incorperates all different learning style. The enviroment has to be comfortable and a place where you can focus .

tannerc2012 said...

Questions for English
Tanner Chris
Mrs. Smith

A producer of information knows everything already and which gives out information, versus a consumer of information which needs to know everything and gives out false information.

• The qualities of a good teacher is that they are willing to teach and teach it properly, and that they make it fun for the students. The good qualities of students are that they come to school, pay attention, and do what they’re told. With those qualities you have a good class but the most important quality one is that everyone works together and that’s class quality.

Angel L 2012 said...

The difference between a producer of information and a consumer of information is...
I think of a producer of infomation as a teacher, because thier job is to produce information to the consumer.
To me the consumer of information is like a student because it is thier job to consume the informatione given to them by the producer of the information.

ruthl2012 said...

A producer of information gives you information. while the consumer of information is learing what the information is about.

A good teacher has a loud clear voice,they are nice but strict at times.

Good students pay attention, do there home work and study.

good classes behave and respect everyone.

mitchell2012 said...

The difference between a produce of information and a consumer of information is the teacher and the learner. This can also mean the producer of information can be a student to a consumer of information as another student.
I believe that the qualites of a good teacher are that the teacher takes pride in her students and the subject she is teaching. I also thinkso qualities of a great teacher is she makes the class fun for the students and enjoys the class she teaches. Next, I think that the qualites of a great student is he or she takes pride in their work and puts forth their best effort. A good student should alsobe a good listner, partisipates in class, and last is they do all their work. Last, a great class should make the teacher look forward to her next class periods. Some more qualites of an exclent class is they will be silent when needed to be silent and does what is needed to be done.

Mitchel Lincoln

Angel L 2012 said...

The qualities that I would want in a teacher are...
- strict, so they will hold students accountable
- Fun, so the students feel more comfortable in the class room
The qualities that a student should have are...
- Responsibility, so their job gets accomplished
- Respect for others including the teacher, so everyone has a nice working environment.

reagang2012 said...

There are many differences but at the same time many similarities between a producer of information and a consumer of information. First of all they both deal with the same key component …. Information so that makes them similar. What makes them different is a producer of information is someone who is coming up with new ideas for the future or just to make the present more enjoyable. Now a consumer of information is somewhat of a sponge they just learn from the producer and take it all in to put the information to good or better use.

Getting into qualities first quality for a teacher is they have to be a good teacher as well as a good listener to make sure they see from the student’s point of view. They also have to be very approachable so the student feels comfortable telling the teacher they don’t get it or are having a bad day. Some good qualities in a student are being very focused and on task another is asking a lot of questions and being involved. And last but not least some good qualities in a class are all participating in discussions … projects …. ect. And you also have to be nice to each other I’m not saying you have to love them I’m just saying give them a chance try to be nice and every thing will go smoothly !!

KalvinP2012 said...

A producer of information tells people what they already may know. A consumer of information gives info. so they can understand somthing better or as much as possible.

Good qualities of a teacher would be a good and positive aditude a sense of humor and knowing when to be serious. Good qualities of students would be being able to get along with others, staying focused, and getting work done. Good qualities of a class would be being good, paying attention, and having fun. I think these are important for a class.