Tuesday, August 26, 2008

What matters to me.

Clearly the most important person in the world to me is my twin brother Brian. The day of the picture both my brother and I hit homeruns. On Father’s Day we had a baseball game up in the mountains. Our team ended up winning by a lot partly because of Brian’s and my beastly performances. So, that was a very memorable moment.

One of my good friends Hannah is very important to me. She is important to me because when their father leaves for Arizona, where he works for the Rockies, she lives with me for a few months. It is really fun to live with her, because she makes everything more fun and brightens up the day. She left for college, but I will always remember the times we had.

During the summer Brian, Trey, Sean, and I had a lot of really good and fun ideas. But, the best idea of all had to be to build a beach in Treys backyard. We found loads of sand on someone’s driveway with a free sign on it. So, we took a wheel barrel to collect the sand that we would dump into his yard. Then we went out to buy a small pool, began to fill it with water and relaxed. That was a really fun time in the summer.

Billy, Candy, Winston, and Alfred. These are the names of my beloved pets. My kitties matter to me a lot because my favorite animal by far is a cat. My cats are so nice to me and never scratch me or bite. I got both of my cats when I was about seven or eight. They always are around so when I’m bored or sad they can tell and come and just lie next to me and try to make me feel better.

I love the picture of my best friends and me on a water tube called the Molecule. We spent most of out time riding around Lake Powell on this tube. It was probably the most fun I’ve ever had on a vacation. I was with my two best friends in the world, which made it really special. I also jumped off a cliff and it one of the scariest things I have ever done. I was afraid of heights at the time and to get over it my brother pushed me of and now I am not afraid of heights.

While driving up to South Dakota, my Mother took a picture of my friend Trey’s mom. I love this picture because that was the most fun road trip I have ever taken, and I will always remember it. The most memorable part of this trip was the water parks and the monument. It was really cool to see the fireworks at Mount Rushmore.

Do you remember all those fun vacations with your neighborhood? This picture is of us around the table. That vacation up to the mountains was one of the most fun times I’ve ever had. The people sitting around the table were: Me, Brian, Trey, Sean, Ingrid, my mother and, Dave. We were all having breakfast and playing games. It was really fun.
On this same trip we went to this ice arena in Beaver Creek, which is where I learned how to ice skate. We all just had a lot of fun messing around, racing and falling.

Last spring we took a weekend trip up to Breckenridge, and I went snowboarding with my bros .We are pictured at the top getting strapped up and ready to go have a race down a run called Bonanza. I like that picture so much because it shows everyone that I board with every weekend up in the mountains. The most fun part of all those trips we took was the ride back down and the ride up.


NickK2012 said...

Nice word choice, I liked how you used "Mother" instead of "mom" and all of the other words that I've never even heard you say before, good job.

anthonyf2012 said...

That's cool you and your brother are so close and like the same things. I glad you like cats too, because most boys like dogs. I like your picture of Manny Ramirez. Good Job on the assignment.

colleenO2011 said...
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colleenO2011 said...

i always wanted to know what having a twin can be like and it seems like it's a lot of fun to you. You play baseball and are into sports and i also play a sport, soccer. i like how you explained every part of your family differently.

briannab2012 said...

I like htat your favorite person in the world is your twin brother. Whenever I talk to someone who has a twin, they never seem to liek it a lot, but it sounds like you do. I think its cool that you like cats. I'm a big animal lover. We have four in the family and I can agree with you that they love to have attention. Good job

ruthl2012 said...

Thats cool that you have a twin brother and that he matters to you.I like your collage it has a lot of pictures that matter to you.I like to snowboard to.