Tuesday, August 26, 2008

what matters to breanna s

What matters to me.

Friends: They are my EVERYTHING! I love them all to death. I can always count on them to be with me through the thick and thin. They are basically my family. Kim: There are so many things I could say about her. We’ve been besties since we were 2 months old. I can trust her with everything. Zoe: We’ve been through almost everything together, strokes, choking on skittles, getting our ears pierced, snowboarding, and so much more. Ally: Wow this girl is my lifesaver! We also go through a lot together, guy problems, sneaking out, getting caught by the police, New York, and the worse situations we could possibly get ourselves into. Lauren and Danielle: They can’t even be explained. But they are so amazing! Brad: He is so funny and can always make me smile. Tyler: He is always there and ready to catch me when I fall. He knows what is best for me when I don’t. I trust him with my life.
There are so many more people I could put down. They are all so amazing and I have no idea how I could live without them!

Music: I don’t know how I could live without it. Some of my favorite bands are: nevershoutnever! Valencia, Rise Against, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, The Used, Aiden, Finch, Sound The Alarm, This Heart This Sleeve, Our Last Night, Tickle Me Pink, The Starting Line, Story Of The Year, Boys Will Be Boys, and so many more. I love to play guitar. I could play for hours if I wasn’t distracted.

Faith: I’ve been a Christian since I was a little kid. It would be a major lie if I said I was a good strong Christian, because I’m not at all.

My Dreams: I’m just a little girl that dreams way more than I should. I have a lot of plans for my life. I’m going to be rich. That’s a for sure:) I want to be an actress, in movies, not on stage and in plays though. If that doesn’t work out then maybe a singer. I really want to live in New York City when I’m older.

My Family: I can’t say that I always appreciate my family but in the long run I do. I have 3 brothers, Allen, Aaron, and Travis. My dad’s side of the family I HUGE. My Grandma had 7 kids and all those kids had kids and those kids that have already gotten married had kids. Most of them live in Texas, and a few in California. No matter what situation I have gotten myself into I have always had my whole family behind me.


OliviaB2012 said...

Breanna, I really liked how you talked about faith and music; I would probably say the same thing about them.

paiges2012 said...

i thought your post was amazing. I love how you described all about your friends and family,. and how you were honest about your faith. I have never heard of any of the bands you like, but that's cool that you like that type of music.

alexw2012 said...

Breanna, I think that you could have gone into more detail on smoe of the paragraphs, the overall quality was good. Keep at it, but don't type so hard you break the keyboard

briannab2012 said...

Hey I thought that that in your paper you explained everything really well. I can tell that you love being with your friends and that you and Zoe are very close. I can also tell that you love your music. If you don't ever become an actress I know for sure you would make a great singer.

KalvinP2012 said...

Wow I love the music choices. I also love Rise Against and Tickle me pink. My favorite Rise Against song is prayer of refugee or paper wings. I also play guitar I would play all day if I didn't get distracted so easily.