Monday, August 25, 2008


There are a lot of things that matter to me in my life. Friends, family, love, music, my kittens, and peace are the things that mean the most to me.
My friends and family are my life. I spend as much time as I can with my friends, but make time for family too. Sometimes you don’t always like your family, or your family fights, but everyone knows that family loves each other. Family means a lot to me, because you’re together through everything, whether it’s good, bad, ugly, or pretty. My family fights, and we all don’t get along, but when we do get along and we’re having fun together then the times we create and share are irreplaceable. In our garage is where we all spend a lot of time; we’ll be out there talking or watching TV or just hanging out with our friends. Just about everyone who knows us has been in our garage till one in the morning laughing and talking with each other. Now, me and my sister, we don’t get along- at all. We fight, and fight, and then fight some more. We drive our mother insane by how much we fight. Even when we have friends over we fight with one another. And my friends, my parents, my sister’s friends, and my sister’s boyfriend get tired of it. Usually they end up yelling at us to quit bickering and fighting, but there are times (mostly when no one is around) we’re nice to each other. And we don’t fight, we talk, and get along. My family will always be there for me and I love them for that.
My friends mean the most to me. They’re the family I have chosen and will keep with me while I walk through my life. I will be by their side as they will be by mine; to keep each other standing strong, confident, happy, and loved. To help them up when they fall down and to tell them a stupid joke to make them laugh. Everyone can truly be themselves with their friends, no fake smiles and plastic masks needed. You can tell jokes that aren’t funny, dance weirdly, trip over yourself and spill water on your pants, and your friends will be there to laugh at you, but help you up, dance with you, and throw more water on you. They are always there for you, and no matter what comes in-between friends, your true ones will be there, and that’s what really matters most to me.
Now, Love. L-o-v-e. It’s a hard concept and not many people understand it. I certainly do not. And there’s different kind of love: love for your family, love for your friends, love for your soul mate, love for nature, even love for a complete stranger. It’s love that keeps the world from complete disarray. When we find people with weirdness that is compatible with our weirdness, we put it together and call it love. It’s love that’s under everything; love that keeps things going. Under friendship and family is love. It’s just an unexplainable force that pulls everything in the world together.
Music, everyone loves music. Music is a huge part of my life. Whenever I’m mad or sad I can just go somewhere and put music on and it will calm me down. There are ton of different kinds of music, and I like every kind but country and rap. Music inspires, and speaks when words fail.
My kittens, I only have two kittens now, and then two grown cats. One is a white calico; her whole body is white except for her tail, which is black, brown, and orange colored. She has one blue and one green eye. Her name is Kiki. Then we have a Siamese cat. Her name is Mia and she mothers six kittens. We have only kept two out of the six kittens, and if you saw the kittens you would not think that Mia and the kittens are related. Not one of them look like her. The six were Java, Wonder, Bagel, Tilo, Nitro, and Nightmare. Nightmare was completely black. Nitro was a black and gray tabby. Tilo is a cross between a tabby and a tortiuse shell. Bagel was more tortiuse shell, but had some tabby. Wonder is black with her left arm spotted and the tip of her tail, and a few spots that go from white to yellow. And Java was a tortiuse shell. We now only have Wonder and Tilo left out of the kittens. And they mean a lot to me. They’ll just so small, innocent, and cute. It’s hard not to love them.


KalvinP2012 said...

I dont have a sister but i have two brothers and i fight with them alot like you and your sister and we would fight over even the smallest of things.

anthonyf2012 said...

Me and my sister don't get along either. I have a Siamese kitten, that i got for my neighbor and she was the only white one and doesn't look like her mom. I liked how you said no matter how much a family fights they will always be there for you. Good Job.