Tuesday, August 26, 2008

What matters to Reagan!!!!!

There are a lot of things that matter to me but I only put the most important that way you can see what I am all about!

First is my horse Chloe she means everything to me she is a dark bay thoroughbred warm blood mix and she’s adorable. Currently she is the third best jumper in the state and I’m the third best rider in the state. She means a lot to me and is the prettiest horse ever!

Moving on to my family well I have 5 brothers 4 are god brothers but we practically do everything together so there is Caleb [6] Cody [10] Corey [12] Cooper [12] and Kyle [18]
And I always have a lot of fun! And my parents are great and are always supporting me in everything.

I also play volley ball and I love it I play for Arapahoe currently and hope to for years to come.

I am an amazing jet skier it is one of the fun nest things I have ever done and I got my jet ski license and so I can drive by myself and I love going fast it really is wonderful.

We went to Qu├ębec in February and it is my favorite place in the entire world in is just so beautiful there and it gets over looked but I think everyone should go there some time the reason we went is my brother went to the biggest pee wee hockey tournament in the world and the Colorado avalanche sponsored us to go and play as the avalanche!

I have a yellow lab named mason and he is the fattest dog ever! I got him as a Christmas present a while ago and he’s a pretty cool dog!

My best friend Marissa unfortunately doesn’t go to this school but she is the coolest person ever she is so crazy and very hyper we always have so much fun when were together!!!

Well now you know what is important to me and I hoped you liked my pictures!!!


BRETTG2012 said...

Good job on the colleage. I never knew that you jetskied. You must be pretty good. Its nice to know more about you.

jakeL2012 said...

That was actually very intersting to read. Like you, I also really love animals. I just had to give away my dog just a few months ago. He was so fat too!!!! He was 175 pounds. I think it's really cool that you like to jetski. My best freind trey has one of the only four person jetskis in the world. We go to Lake Powell every year. I saw that you like to river raft. I love doing that down thw Colorado River I go every summer.

breannas2012 said...

This blog was really good. I had no idea you were the best rider in the state?! Or that you even rode horses(: I think you did an amazing job of describing the things that matter to you. Also I liked your use of words. They were very descriptive which really described you.

Abbyh2012 said...

i love your colleage, i love jetsking, its so fun. but this really made me get to know and understand you better. good job :)

jakeL2012 said...
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MaureenI2012 said...

Awesome job, you explained everything well, and you chose good pictures to describe the things you care about well. I wish i was as good of a rider as you are! That is to awesome for words!