Tuesday, August 26, 2008

What Matters to Anthony

Education is important to me for many reasons. First, it provides you with knowledge and wisdom that can guide you through life. Knowledge can give the key to open up doors you would have never believed could be open. Wisdom gives you experience and understanding of what is true, what is false, what is right or wrong, the list goes on and on about what wisdom can bring to you. Second, education prepares youth for what lies ahead in the real world. It gives them the skills to be successful in the world. Third, it creates new ideas. Education can inspire those new ideas that could eventually change the world. Last, education brings new opportunities to well educated individuals. By just not finishing highschool you may be denied the job or career you want because you didn’t take advantage of your education. This paragraph shows why education is important to me and why I take full advantage of it.

Family is important to me for a variety of reasons. First, a family can make you feel wanted and appreciated and they won’t try to hurt you but try to brighten up your day if it didn’t go to well. With out a family you are solitary and have nobody to look forward to seeing, you basically feel useless. Second, a mother or father could be a huge influence on a child’s life. Being a mother or a father is being there when your children need you, it about being a caretaker, and devoting you whole life to you children. Last, a family can guide and help each other with knowledge and experience that is different for each and every individual.

Religion is important to me for various reasons. First, it offers something to hold on to when an individual is troubled. It gives certain individuals comfort to know that they will never be alone. Second, it drives believers to live by the guidelines in which there religion says to. People who live by the guidelines tend to be a better person than those who say they believe, but when it comes to the guidelines they don’t follow them. Last, religion gives believers a goal(s) to complete while they have their time on earth. This goal(s) makes them strive for something that won’t be easy to get, you will have to try hard to accomplish this goal(s). These are some reasons why religion is important to me.

My cats are important to me for hundreds of reasons. First, molly (the bigger cat) has been in life for almost my entire life. Molly is a tabby cat, born on September 28th1997. She is like a daughter to me, and will always have a special place in my heart. Second, Abby (the smaller cat) is new to the family and is still warming up to the family. She doesn’t like to be held or even touched. Last, my cats are important to me because; they require a lot of responsibility to take care of them. I have to feed them, give them water, change their potties, pick up throw up, and many more tasks. These are some of the reasons my cats are so important to me.

Philadelphia isn’t that important in my daily life but, it does matter to me. First, Philadelphia gives me something to look forward to. I plan on living in Philadelphia, near Philadelphia or in Pittsburgh. Second, Philadelphia is home to the Philadelphia Eagles. Without the Eagles I think I would feel incomplete. Third, Philly is the only place to get authentic Philly Cheese Steaks. You haven’t had a good one until you’ve had one from Philadelphia. Last Philadelphia has so much history there. My favorite historical landmark in Philly is probably Independence Hall because, that was where the signing of the declaration of Independence was. These are some of the reasons why Philadelphia and Pennsylvania is important to me.

Freedom and Equality matter to me a lot. First, with equality no one individual is better than another. This means nobody has the right to enslave another one and treat them like a dog. Second, with Freedom and equality anybody can do what ever their heart desires. Nobody can hold someone back from doing what they want. Third, there is no discrimination. Discrimination due to ethnic group or religion is wrong, and I’m glad it doesn’t exist today. Last, Freedom brings us the freedom to do almost anything; an example of freedom is the 1st amendment- The right for free speech, press, assembly and religion. This is why Freedom and equality are such a big factor of what matters to me.


NickK2012 said...

Wow, that was superb, keep up the good work, I think that it would be cool to live in philly too, its one of the places I have yet to visit, nice job.

jakeL2012 said...

Anthony!!!!! Wow. We have so many things in common. I love the fact that you really cherish your cats. My cats are really important to me too.!!!!! My cats are so amazing, and yours look really cool too. Im glad that you really like religon, It shows that you really love a lot of things in this worl. It really blew my mind. Amazing job :)

NateL2012 said...

Wow anthony that was really really well written. i have two cats too and they are a big part of my life also so i can understand why that is something that matters to you. i also agree with what you said about parents and how important they can be in your life. Great job anthony!!!!

Angel L 2012 said...

your first paragraph about education was amazing. alot of people need to aprriaciate education. i love how much your in to religion!

ruthl2012 said...

Wow, your What matter piece was realy good. I liked how important education is to you. Also how much you love your cats.
Your a cool cat!