Monday, August 25, 2008

What matters to Nate

What matters to me
The first three pictures in collage are pictures of my family, which is definitely something that matters to me because my family helps through everything, helps me have a good time, and they are the people I have to come home to every day. The first picture is a picture of my step- mom on the left and my step sister Caitlyn on the right. This picture was taken while we were river rafting on the Colorado River in July. My dad got re-married last year and ever since both of them have been a big part of my life. My second picture is a picture of me at my continuation with my dad and my sister. This picture is important to me because, if I hadn’t passed middle school and gone on to high school I wouldn’t be in your class! My third picture is my sister before prom in her prom dress. My sister is important to me because she can drive me places. And I have to live with her all the time.
The second line of pictures is all pictures of my friends. My friends are important to me because they support me no matter what I do, they give me advice when I need it, and they always listen when I need them to. The first picture is of Tyrel, Geordie, and Sam in Washington D.C. this picture is especially important to me because the 8th grade Washington trip was probably some of the best days of my life because they were so much fun. The second picture is a picture of one of my best friends Sam Nylund. He is one of the funniest kids I know (in the picture he is screeching and he sounds exactly like a nasghoul in Lord of the Rings) and he is a really good friend because he always knows when to joke and when to be serious. The last picture is of my friend Geordie. He is probably the weirdest kid you will ever meet but he is hilarious and always fun to hang out with so he is a friend that really matters to me.
The third line is all pictures of sports because sports are something that really matter to me. The first picture is of Brandon Marshall stiff arming a Minnesota Vikings defender. I included this picture because I really like football and the Broncos are my favorite team. The second picture is of Troy Tulowitzky making a defensive play. I used to not like baseball but now it is also one of my favorite sports. The last picture in my collage is Joe Sakic lifting the Stanley cup in 2001 when the avalanche defeated the Devils in 7 games to win a championship.
These are nine things that are very important to my life right now and I hope these things continue to help me through high school and the rest of my life.


NickK2012 said...

Good presentation, it's good to see that you have such a good relationship with your family.

MaureenI2012 said...

Nate- You went into a lot of detail about your family, so i see that they mean a lot to you. Especially your sister because she can drive you places. I liked your details about them. You also explained your friends very well and made us understand why they are so important to you. From your college we can also see that you care an awful lot about sports. I think that it shows you put a lot of effort into this, Great job! =]

KalvinP2012 said...

hey i also went rafting on the colorado river and i love joe sakic

alexw2012 said...

Nate, I like your post because you kept your list down to a few things that really matter to you. Thank you for posting this

ruthl2012 said...

My sister used to drive me to places but she move.Those were the days.Your collage was good becuse it had good pictures in it.
It was great!