Monday, January 5, 2009

Three Item Intro

Post your answers to the following on your own personal blog:

For every item:

1. What is it? Describe the item (colors, features, shape, size, etc...)
2. So What? Describe its significance to you.
3. Now What? How does this item lead you to believe, think or act differently?

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MaureenI70464 said...

The first object in my house is my dog, Krypto. She is a mixed breed and we adopted her from the Denver Dumb Friends League (the only place animals should ever be adopted from: Did you know 98% of dogs in pet shops come from puppy-mills?) four years back. She is a light brownish color, and can pretty much always make you smile. She means so much to me, it was a huge struggle to convince my parents to get me a dog, so maybe that is part of the reason I’m so happy to have her. Plus it is always nice having an extra friend always there to greet you when you come back home. When I grow up, I want to work with animals, and do what I can to save all kinds of species from dogs thrown out on the streets to the endangered leopards and polar bears in the wild. I think it’s important and our duty as humans to protect them.

The second object in my house is my stove. More specifically then just the stove itself I would have to go with the “bake” button. I am always whipping up creations on my own, some that turn out great, most that don’t. I don’t know it is such a good pass time and I guess I just really enjoy it. It is a good way to get your creative side glowing.

The third object in my house is the telephone. The phone I use the most that we have would obviously be my cell phone. It has purple, green, and orange dinosaurs on it and regularly turns off at random. I think the looks of it suit me well and I mean I’ve had it for ever, it appears pretty indestructible although it has taken a beating it still works with extra effort. My phone can be used to represent how important my friends are in my life. I couldn’t go a day without them. Everybody has friends, and everybody feels the same about their group of friends. They are just there to get you. Get the things you like, do and feel, all in one person.