Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Semester Reflection

1. What changes have you seen this semester in regards to your education?
2. What role did technology play in that change?
3. Are you more or less motivated to learn?
4. Do you feel that your grade is an accurate measurement of your learning?
5. What role did the constructivist philosophy play in that change? (constructivist-students becoming producers of information, students in charge of their own learning.
6. What suggestions for improvement do you have for me next year?
7. Do you want to continue with the No D policy?
8.What are some of the things you would suggest I do again?
9. Did you finish the semester where you wanted to in terms of your learning or grade?
10. For those of you that finished the semester with a D or F what are you going to do differently next semester?
11.Make sure to include specific examples and expand on each other's ideas. Your feedback- honest and reflective- is important!

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NateL2012 said...

Mrs. Smith!- I have seen a lot of changes this semester in the way that i write, and i consider myself a lot better writer at the end of this semester compared to the begginning. Now when i write anything i know to write a good topic sentence for everything i write, how to write about what matters, and how to relate that to myself and the world effectively. I love using the laptops and the other technology that we use in this class, i dont really like PLNs but i really like having the laptops in class because i think that it helps me being able to take things back and forth from school and home, and being able to work on a computer at school all the time. I am more motivated to learn because of the laptops. Laptops allow me to type things so they look neater, check my grammar and spelling, and check my grades in class on my laptop so i know exactly what i need to turn in, what i need to re do and so that i know when i am doing everything well. I think that if i can bring up my grade .6% by the end of this semester then it will correctly reflect how well i have learned. I feel like i have learned a lot about writing, annotating, blogging, and reading. Some of the books that we read this year like "All Quiet On the Western Front" and "Into the Wild" have opened my eyes about living, dying, the struggle for life, and the issues that some people deal with in their lifetimes. I lovce the way our classroom is not a complete dictatorship, and that the students also have some input about the homework that we do, and the way we learn. Doing partner and group projects help me a lot because when we are brainstorming and coming up with ideas i can hear other peoples opinions, instead of just my own, and it helps me put together a better project, with more well thought out ideas.I suggest that we do an organized socratic seminar, because we often have discussions in this class and i think that everyone would have good input and we could have a very good seminar, maybe after we finish a book or something like that. I think that you should continue with the no D policy because while a C or a D is not acceptable at my house, i think that for the kids that do have F's or D's it is a lot of motivation to re do things and to get their grade up to a C or higher. Something that i would want you to do again is Re do's. I think if you continue the no D policy you have to continue ro do's as well because for kids that have low D's if you are going to fail them with a D, tou have to at least give them opportunties to get their grades up, and thats what re do's are. Re do's are my favorite thing about this class (Besides the teacher of course :)) Because re do's give you an opportunity to fix an assignment with your help if you totally bombed it, or need a lot of help on it. Yes i did finish this semester happy with my learning and with my grade, i think that i have learned all that i could have hoped for this semester so im happy with both of those.

Chaseo2012 said...

Ms. Smith! Hello. I'm going to skip the small talk for now. We can do that in class. Anyways, this semester, in regards to my education, I think I have learned a lot more about literature and such. I have learned how to use different tools to help me learn better too. The laptops really helped me and were a lot more convenient than just a paper and pencil. It kept me more organized in English class and helped me to learn to use technology to my advantage. I think I am more motivated to learn now that I know that I can learn more efficiently and stay organized. I think that my grade is close to an accurate measure of my learning. The only thing is that since I have not turned in everything that has brought my grade down. That is my fault but I'm just going to say that I may have learned something from an assignment even if I didn't turn it in. The constructivist philosophy impacted the way that I learned. I decided to take control of my own learning and learn exactly the amount I needed to. Next year, I think we should have more chances to get extra credit for the people that need it and a little bit more time to turn in large projects. I think that continuing with the No D policy would be a good thing because it motivates students to try even harder when they are in the F range to get their grades back up. I would suggest that we do group things together again, like group projects instead of putting a big project all on one person. I would have liked to finish the semester with a bit of a higher grade, but the grade I have right now is alright. I think I could do better though. So, I didn't finish the semester with a D or an F, so I don't have to do question ten, right? Ummmm... yeah. I think that's pretty much it. Awesome. So, I'm just going to go back to chillin. Peace!

OliviaB2012 said...

The changes I have seen in my grade this semester are all good. I have learned to write better and learned how to figure out “what matters” in different pieces of writing. I know that these things I learned will not only help me in English but all my other classes as well. Technology played a pretty big role in the change in my education. Technology has helped me apply those skills, like when I blog about other blogs I have read. This makes me more motivated to learn because I have realized that there is way more to learn especially with this kind of technology at my finger tips. I do feel that my grade is an accurate measurement of my learning because I do work hard to learn what I learn and get the grade that I got. I think the constructivist philosophy also played a pretty big role in the changes I have seen in my education. The Personal Learning Networks that we have done have really helped me learn how to find information on my own and understand it better by connecting it to myself and the world. The suggestions that I have for you for next year is add a little more to it than just “what matters” because after a while it did get a little boring, but also doing the same thing helped me become more efficient in saying what matters. I really like the NO D policy because I know that if I were to stop doing my work and brought my grade down to a D it would really be an F and it motivates me to do well. I suggest that you keep this NO D policy, let the students create the rubric as a class, and the students do redo’s because I know that really helped me when I didn’t understand something, you explained it and I got a better grade. I did finish the semester where I wanted to in regards to my grade and learning.

colleenO2011 said...

1. I believe I have been trying to do better in English and turn in all my assignments.

2. Technology helped me by finding articles and being able to type my work so I could actually read it myself

3. I’m less motivated now because of the semester ending soon and I’m just tired of doing constant work but next semester I won’t be in this class but the classes I am going to be in I will be more motivated with learning and finishing my work.

4 I don’t believe my grade is an accurate measurement of my learning because I can do more than I can write and I think of a lot of scenarios and problems outside of the box not just in what I write more of what I do.

5. I believe I can do my own learning I just don’t try as hard as I should to get everything finished and completed.

6. I believe you’re doing everything you can and you’re doing an amazing job with the no d’s grade and how you let us always turn in late work. I also respect you greatly for being able to hold a family, job, and school at the same time.

7. Yes, the no d policy is great and should be recommended to all teachers.

8. I think you should just keep doing what you’re doing

9. I didn’t finish with that great of a grade but you have to settle with what you have and I guess I will just try harder in all my other classes next semester.

11. I think the way you teach our class a lot of us understand better. I always understood and knew how to do every project and every assignment.

ruthl2012 said...


I have seen a lot of changes now that the semester is coming to an end. I think I changed as a better writer because I add depth to my writing. Also I try to put a lot of my effort in writing than before. Technology in this class is a huge impact with my learning because I use it everyday of my life. This is the only class that we use laptops and I like this type of learning instead of writing on paper. I’ am definitely more motivated to learn because this class gives us the freedom to blog and express ourselves with writing. I think my grade is a little accurate from my learning but I should have put more effort in my assignments. I think that doing group work and partner work is a good way to learn because other students can help you by adding their own ideas and suggestions. We teaching each other can be more helpful than just one teacher. I think that you should continue with the no D policy because it pushes us to work for an A or B. I think that we should have debates or long discussions over books and movies that we watch because we always want to share what we think and we have a lot to say but never have the time. We should continue with the No D policy because it motivates me to reach the grade that I want! You should have us use lab tops next semester because it is an easier and advance way to type, learn and do research on. The lab tops let us blog and I think that blogging is a good way to have our own perspective on stuff. I also like the A, B, and C Rubric because we can figure out what it takes for a grade that we want. I’ am happy with the grade that I have right now. I have a B and it reflects on how I learn. I will try to put more effort next semester because I have the potential to get an A in this class!

AaronS2012 said...

1. I feel like I have learned to write a lot better than I previously could. I think that doing all of this stuff with technology is also a good idea because technology is so important in this day and age.
2. Technology has helped me a lot. Especially with the blogs where we could collaborate with other people and see what they think. It has also personally helped me because I would much rather prefer typing something than writing it.
3. I think I am more motivated to learn because technology has opened up a whole world of possibilities to learn with other people and see what they have to say.
4. I think that my grade is a fairly accurate measure of my learning. I think that I might deserve a little higher grade because I think that I do a pretty good job and I really try on all of my assignments, but that is the teacher’s discretion.
5. I think that using technology has helped us kind of learn on our own and get a sense of confidence in our own writings, like the Pln’s.
6. I think that this class is pretty good. I just think that the grading on the annotations shouldn’t have been so harsh because the whole point of annotations is notes for yourself and what you personally want to remember.
7. I think the no D policy has worked so far so I’m ok with it.
8. I think that the pln’s were a pretty good idea because it helps our writing and keeps us updated with current events.
9. I am pretty satisfied where I stand in terms of my learning and grade in this class.
10. Does not apply to me
11. n/a

EmilyK2012 said...

This semester my education has greatly changed. Because we always had the chance to redo things it removed the stress and I was able to focus more on learning from the assignment instead of just trying to fulfill all the requirements and get it done. Also because we created our own rubric I was graded on the parts of the assignment that I thought were important. Using technology has helped me learn how to connect things. With google earth we found websites and pictures and even on some of my PLN’s I was able to find things other than the article to connect it to. Adding in all different kinds of resources has made it much more fun to write. I am more motivated to learn because it is more enjoyable to learn this way. I think that my grade is an accurate measurement of my learning because it shows that I have learned and now I can do it well. The constructivist philosophy has helped me because it has made me take charge of my learning and have a desire to learn. Knowing that I am in charge of my learning made me realize that if I wanted to learn then I would and if I choose not to do the work then I would only be hurting myself. Instead of just doing the work to please my teacher and get a good grade I do it because I want to learn. I don’t really have any suggestions for next year I think that you gave everyone the chance to learn and you were always willing to help them if they wanted the help. I really liked focusing on one question the whole semester because with everything I read I knew the question I was trying to answer and it gave me the opportunity to compare different characters, I defiantly think that you should do that again next year. I really enjoyed this class and it showed me a new way of learning by applying things and connecting things instead of just memorizing the proper way to write. I am looking forward to learning more next semester.

paiges2012 said...

In regards to my education this semester, I have seen changes in how I read and interpret novels or articles. I have further learned how to find what is important to the character, and apply to it my life, and the world around me. After reading stories such as Into the Wild by Jon Krakaur, and All Quiet on the Western Front by Erich Maria Remarque, as well as excerpts the book of Walden, I have learned that more goes on in a story than what is just on the page. I have learned to read deeper into the story, and because of that, I have learned to go deeper into the character as well. I think that that these skills will help me in the future in different English classes, but that it will also be applied into when I read on my own. The other day I was reading a book that I had gotten from the library for free reading. I noticed that when I read now, I begin to think while I read, and ask questions about the context where as before; I would simply read the story.
I have also seen changes regarding writing. After this semester, I feel that my writing has been changed from just slapping something down on paper to get it done, into actually expressing my, and others opinions. By having a rubric to follow for each and every assignment, I motivate myself to make it “A” quality each time. I have learned how to start, express, and end a PLN, and to make my writing interesting for readers. My skills have been changed because I start to express how I personally feel about a matter, and not just re-explaining what I read in the article. I have learned to see both sides of the story, and to show how I fell about the matter. I have found that I actually somewhat enjoy writing now, certainly more than I did at the beginning of the semester. I now enjoy writing PLNs that have to do with worldly matters or things about the government. I have learned to write about an article that I can really relate to, and not the first one that pops up onto the screen I think that this skill is very useful in life because it can be used in any career.
Technology played a big part into the changes in my learning. By using a laptop every day, I learned to rely more on the computer for all of my assignments. I thought it was really neat how I could turn in projects online, and not by hand. Technology has changed me because now I know how to create more and more assignments on the computer, making them easier, but also because we can connect with other things with technology. I could email my projects home every night and not have to start over each time. I could also talk with the people I was working with by email or by the phone. Technology changed the way I learned because it showed me that I could do things over and over again simply by pushing the erase button, and not have to start over each time. I enjoyed being in a laptop class because it gave me the freedom to search anything in an instant and not have to do it manually. I was able to do a much better job on my work by using the computer, and I think that that work standard will stay with me because of that.
I feel more motivated to learn because I have so much more options in how I learn. Because we set up an “A”, “B”, and “C” quality standard, I can basically choose what grade I want to get, and I know all that I have to do to accomplish that. I have a checklist that I know if I follow that I can achieve anything. This motivates me because it provides no excuse for anything below the best. With the rubric, all excuses are taken away that due with “I didn’t know that I had to do such-and-such to get an “A”,” because I have a list of what needs to be on every assignment. I think that I was motivated because I knew that I wanted an “A”, and I was determined to get it, so I did what it took to keep it.
Now that we are just a few days away from the end of the semester, it comes as a shock that now is going to be the time to get all my grades to where I want them, and to get all the help that I need to make sure that my report card looks acceptable at the end of the semester. In English, I feel that at the end of the semester, I will keep the “A” that I started out with at the beginning of the semester. I remember writing about what I was going to do to keep my “A” all semester long, and I feel that I have been able to accomplish those things that I said I would do. I have kept up on my work, and have not fallen behind pr procrastinated due to the option of multiple re-dos. If I keep up what I have been doing for the past eighteen weeks, I think that I have nothing to worry about with my English grade. Now that we are just a few weeks away from the end of the semester, it comes as a shock that now is going to be the time to get all my grades to where I want them, and to get all the help that I need to make sure that my report card looks acceptable at the end of the semester. In English, I feel that at the end of the semester, I will keep the “A” that I started out with at the beginning of the semester. I remember writing about what I was going to do to keep my “A” all semester long, and I feel that I have been able to accomplish those things that I said I would do. I have kept up on my work, and have not fallen behind pr procrastinated due to the option of multiple re-dos. If I keep up what I have been doing for the past eighteen weeks, I think that I have nothing to worry about with my English grade.
I think that student philosophy helped us learn because it made us think for ourselves. When we would do projects at the end of a couple chapters, we had to think on higher level thinking standards about what mattered to each character. When we had different characters we were independent in our own groups and couldn’t share ideas with other groups. I know that this helped me and will help me in the future because I developed the skill of higher level thinking, and I can go deeper into a story now then I could before.
Some things that could be done different next year is that the students should start higher level thinking from the very start. I think that quizzes should involve the creativity that they did at the end of the semester, but right from the start of Chris McCandless. I know that the types of quizzes that we did in the last six weeks really helped me to understand the book and what was going on more so than it did when we just took normal quizzes.
I think that the “No D” policy motivated me not to fail. Without the option to get a “D”, it was either an “F” or a “C”, so I chose to take the better option of a “C”, and work it up to an “A”. Without the option of a “D” I pushed myself not to get an “F”, so I did my best work, and it helped me. I think that you should keep the policy because it really helped me, and it can really help others.
I really liked how you started off with what matters to us because it gave me a perspective of what the rest of the year will be like, and how we figure out what matters. By starting with that I learned how to figure out what matters, but it was a creative way to get to know everyone as well. By looking through the collages and reading the blogs we got to know each other which made our class more fun throughout the semester. I liked how you made some of the quizzes projects because then they weren’t just normal quizzes like in every class, they were something that made you really think.
I am satisfied with my grade at the end of the semester. I think that it reflects my learning, and shows how I changed my skills. Compared to previous English classes, this one have by far provided the most education in the most creative ways. I have developed skills that will be with me forever, and it has changed the way that I think about things.

anthonyf2012 said...

1. i've seen that my writing and organization of my writing has improved.
2. I thought that the technology brought a funner learning experience to the class
3. I am more motivated with the projects. When reading "ALL QUIET ON THE WESTERN FRONT" i wasn't really motivated because it wasn't the funnest book to read. I was also less motivated to read in the circle.
4. I think that i have learned a little more than what my grade is.
5.i thought the constructive learning was good, because if you didn't want to learn you didn't have to, but if you did want to learn you could.
6. I think that for the Odyssey section you could have more hands- on assignments
7. I am not in your class next semester and i think that i could be kind of weird without the No "D" policy. I think you should keep it.
8. i would suggest you continue the laptops, No "D" policy, and the redo's until you get an "A"
9. I finished the semester where I thought I would.
10. N/A
11. I thought that you combined fun and learning together.

BRETTG2012 said...

What changes have you seen this semester in regards to your education?
I have learned a lot about how to use technology and apply it to education and how to use good topic sentences that bring the reader into your writing.

What role did technology play in that change?
It made it easier to write up the papers and all the PLNs we had to do it was a good way to exercise our skills.

Are you more or less motivated to learn?
My motivation for learning hasn’t changed.

Do you feel your grade is an accurate measurement of your learning?
Sort of, the majority of our grade is PLNs, worksheets, and other stuff I have already learned in my past years.

What suggestions for improvement for next year?
Not as many PLNs, they get boring and eventually everybody dreads and hates them so they do a poorer job to get it over with.

Do you want to continue with the No D Policy?
Yes it does push me harder knowing it is either a C or an F, no D.

What are some things I suggest you do again?
The redo’s. No one ever does anything perfect on their first time and it is only fair that we can see our mistakes and get a chance to correct them.

Did you finish the Semester in terms of learning and grade?
Yes I did, I have got the best grade I have ever had in an English class.

MitchellB2012 said...

The role that technology played in my learning this semester is I was able to answer some of my own questions without having to ask someone. I could go onto the internet and help myself. With a computer I am so much more motivated to learn then if I would have had to sit in a desk and listen to a lecture. My grade is defiantly a accurate measurement of my learning because I advanced my learning with technology and in witting. The role that constructivist philosophy played in my learning is that could figure out the answer to my own problems within my additional learning of basic writing and reading skills. Next year I would suggest that you assign a different variety of assignments instead of the same structure every PLN make the students very it up a little bit. I do want to continue with the no D policy because I think that it drives people to strive for a better grade and in turn more learning. Everything, I like the structure and the organization of the class, I also like the classroom dynamic. I finished the semester just the way that I wanted it to, I like everything that I did in terms of learning. Work ethic wise I think that I could have done a little better by putting more time into my work.

KalvinP2012 said...

Mrs. Smith,
I have many changes in the way I write for example; I know how to write a great topic sentence, how to relate my writtings to myself and now I write things with much more detail than I did in the begginning of this semester. I love having the laptops in class because it not only keeps class interesting, but also fun and a great learning environment. Although I don't like the "pln's". By using the laptops I can get alot more done. The books we have read this semester were very interesting and I think my favorite was "Into The Wild" because it had alot to do with life and death and the decisions one person can make and how it effects others. I love the class aswell because we all get along well, most of the time. Were all like a great big disfunctional family. I enjoyed doing partner projects because we had to work together for a grade. Another thing I really liked about this class was the no D's policy. I think this helped me reach a better grade for myself. The redo's were a great way to increase my grade. I think this was a great semester and I had alot of fun in this class.

MaureenI70464 said...

1. I think that my education over war and how miserable it truly is. I have always thought it was a horrible thing but this is just one step further into thinking this.
2. I really do love having laptops in this class. At first I was like “oh cool” but now I just think it makes it so much easier to stay on topic, because I am a person who needs to have things organized when I work and on a computer screen nothing can ever really look messy and it just helps me focus. I like it a lot.
3. I feel more motivated to learn right now then I have in a while. I am hoping to succeed on my finals in each class and just have a relaxing winter break and then get a fresh clean start on January 2nd.
4. I do. I think that grades really always are an accurate measurement, and if you do your work, and do it well then you’ll be fine. It is as simple as that when it comes to grade. I think it gets a little more different when it comes down to the actually learning.
5. Jf
6. Well I think maybe eliminate one of the books we read this year and instead of choosing a book for the class, that way many more people will actually read them and maybe enjoy it a whole lot more.
7. Yes, I do. It makes your grade in this class actually seem noticed. You know, not just like another grade in the grade book, like we are all working a little bit harder and watching ourselves more in just one class. I like that.
8. Pln’s. I think these are a really good way to see what’s going on in the world, but the stuff that you personally care about so it isn’t boring. I think they are a great way to get into discussions and it is always surprising that sometimes even the quietest kids will speak up and state their mind I think that’s a good thing and is very important.
9. Yes, I did my learning and my grades are just about where I want them to be. But I still have goals for the final to be full-filled.
10. …. =] ….

joeyo2012 said...

1. alot in doing my homework and geting it turned in.
2. better use in labtops.
3. both
4. nope not at all.
5. i have no idea.
6. none
7. not really
8. teach
9. nope
10. make sure to do my home work right.

Lena R 2012 said...

1.The whole program that is run in this class actually, I would say, helps me do better because it gives me a chance to redo work that wasn’t to good and shows me what I should do to make my work better.
2. I have seen that technology can be used for simple and complicated things that we used to just use paper for.
3. Uh, to be honest, I’m pretty much the same I was to learn. Like that I want to learn, but sometimes I just don’t.
4. I don’t, actually. Because I have learn so much more then grades reflect.
5. It made me want to take charge of my own learning.
6. Well you won’t be teaching us next year really
7. Um, I do and I don’t at the same time.
8. I think that the redo thing and the multiple turn in policy is really good and you should continue on that.
9. I finished well in terms of my learning, but not as well as my grade.
10. I’m going to do my best work the first time and then turn in all my work

breannas2012 said...

1. I think I have learned so much more than I ever did in middle school all three years put together.
2. I think it helped me focus so much better, I could never focus as long as I have before.
3. I am more motivated to learn.
4. I’m trying and I know I’m having some trouble getting all my work in. But I am putting my best effort into it.
5. I felt like I had more freedom, and I really liked that. I hate when a teacher says do this and this, and do it this way exactly.
6. Improvement for next year would probably go slower on the PLN’s
7. Yes, I really like the no “D” policy. It motivates me to do better.
8. I would suggest letting us keep listening to our i-pod’s when we work. I can focus so much better it’s crazy.
9. No I didn’t, it’s the missing work I need to get in. Then it will be better.
10. I didn’t finish with a D or F

tannerc2012 said...

1:I've seen huge changes this semster, not only in my grade but also my writing.2: Computers made a big difference in this semester because I don't have one and it helped me with typing my papers.3: I am more motivated this year because its high school and jobs look at your GPA to see if you qualify for the job. I am more motivated also because my grade will decide what job I will have for the rest of my life.4: I think my grade is accurate because I know i'm lazy and I need to bring my grade up and next semester I will try my best to keep it a B or above.5: The role of me taking my own notes and studying my own way has helped me a bit. My grade in english has been the same for three years now, which would be a C. But I think i've improved on my writing a lot.6: One suggestion I would have for you Mrs. Smith would be not to use the laptops as much. Lots of students play arcade games and don't listen to you talk and explain things which we'll need to know. And thats one of the things I think lowered my grade in this class. I might of had a B or possibly an A but its because I didn't care much for school at the beggining of the year.7: Yes you should continue with the no D policy because it makes students want to bring their grade up even more, well at least it made me want to bring my grade up.8: The no D policy. Laptops but not all the time. And definetly the grading system that we made.9:No I did not finish with the grade I wanted but I did with the learning.10: I got a C= :) see ya!

FinlayB2012 said...

1. I think I have become a better writer and typer.
2. We wrote on the computers a lot.
3. I am more motivated to learn.
4. Yes, when I tried they were good but when I started to slack they became bad.
5. It was better because I would try to do my best.
6. Not as many PLN's
7. No
8. Have reading in class as a group
9. Somewhat I think that I could have done better.
10. Don't procrastinate

ElizabethE2012 said...

1. I am getting better at writing a paragraph.

2. I don’t think technology played a role at all.

3. I am more because I have learned about all these things happening in the world and how much they can affect me if we don’t do something now!

4. kind of but I don’t have a computer at home so it is kind of difficult to do most assignments.

5. that now I know what mistakes I make and not to make them again.

6. nothing much keep doing what your doing.

7. yes!

8.um, read a book and highlight and annotate again that was actually fun.

9. not really I kind of wanted a B-but that just pushes me harder to do better for next semester.

10. although I have a C+ I think I still need to work harder to get a B.

mitchell2012 said...

Mitchel L.
Semester Reflection
1. Some changes I have seen in regards to my education this semester are that I have gotten better at writing what matters to different people in different stories.
2. Technology played a big role in the changing of my education because I can see what I am doing wrong and learn from my mistakes.
3. I am more motivated to learn because to get where I want to go in life I have to work harder and harder.
4. Yes and no because I did slack a little bit during this semester but I have also learned a lot being your student.
5. This had a huge impact on my learning because normally writing comes easy to me but the writing we did this semester gave me a little challenge and I like a little challenge.
6. Don’t do the PLN’s they weren’t enjoyable to write I would have liked to write more about different topics.
7. Yes because I think that it helped me become more motivated to do my work.
8. I would suggest that you keep your students looking forward to come to your class like you did ours.
9. Yes in a way I did but I regret that I did slack this semester and it did hurt my grade a little bit.