Thursday, August 28, 2008

What matters to Tanner

What matters to me the most is my family and friends, I don't have a picture of them so I created one. My family supports me 100% all the way to do anything new or interesting. They are fun to be with most of the time, and I'm not quite sure what i would do without them. My mom lives here in Littleton and my dad lives on a big ranch near a small town called Strasburg. My dad raises cows, horses, chickens, pigs, and a lot of dogs. The ranch is eighty-five acres with a big pond right in the middle. We love to put salmon and some small pike in the pond every once in a while so we can go fishing at home instead of some lake. My friends matter to me because they always are fun to hang out with, and it gives me some time to get away from my parents.
Football is my favorite sport. I love to run out into the field and hit a whole bunch of people! I also love it because I'm a WR so when I get the pass I'm expected to score and it's awesome to score because then the whole crowd goes crazy! You don't get anything though for scoring a touchdown except a nice job and a pat on the back, but it's fun. Snowboarding is my favorite thing to do in the mountains because I stink at riding it but it's fun to keep trying until you have the hang of it. The activity I love to do the most in my spare time is dirt biking at my dad's ranch. I've already built a small track with big and small jumps and hope to make it bigger. I love dirt biking so much because when you get six-ten feet in the air it's exhilarating to be that high in the air. That's what matter most to me.


ruthl2012 said...

Wow your dad has chickens. I wish I had chickens.Thats cool how your family supports you whenever you try somthing new.

mitchell2012 said...

Impressive job on your blog it was very intresting to read. I can imagen that you have a lot of fun with your family and also at your dads ranch. I thought that you building your own dirt bike track at your dads ranch is pertty sweet. I also dirt bike and snowboard my self, you and I will have to go together some time.